i went back to practice last night. it’d been since the 9th! one thing i noticed right away about being still a little teeny bit sick at a practice was that i immediately got covered in a cold sweat. but my fears that i’d lost all my skills proved to be wrong. there was only about 9 of us. again, a very small practice. we started off with our weave, backwards weave, holding hands weave and swedish, then did them all in the opposite direction. i was quite proud of how well i did at the backwards weave! (regular direction) then we did a tomahawk stop drill, which i just treated as a 180 stop drill since i still have to master that before i can move on to adding the toestop to the end of it for tomohawk. that was frustrating! everyone can 180 stop but me 😦 i was beginning to get really discouraged.
then we did a drill we learned at harrisburg, and then 4 on 1s. i hate being b2, its too big of an area for me to cover. i cant dart fast at all to cover the outside if the jammer comes up. i kept falling behind the pack and at one point jen yelled for me to keep up. so that made me feel shitty.

oh and we got out these big pads that tara and burger held up while we skated around the track hitting them when we passed. either a hip check or a shoulder hit. so that was my first time learning how to do those things! i couldnt get down how ur supposed to lift one foot when u hip check. …and thats basically the night. nothing special since we were missing lots of people.
i have to admit the idea of quitting derby crossed my mind last night. i was so down on myself about the 180 stops. i just cant get them! then during 4 on 1s i realized once again just how much i have yet to learn… and so many people seem to have just dropped out of it. i guess its because its fall and theyre back to school, or sick… will they miss practice the whole school year?? it’d be easy if derby was just a summertime sport.
and i am SO nervous about sunday’s scrimmage with lehigh. i have to get a black shirt and a white one and put my numbers on them…. i cant keep up during scrimmages at our practice, how am i going to be able to keep up when we scrimmage with another team!? i’m going to look like a fool :/