we had a handful of visiting skaters at our practice tuesday! some girls from binghamton, a former team mate jackie kennedie, and diva (now team usa famous). for warm ups we did 30 sec sprints and skills, and those just keep getting easier for me. well 30 sec sprints were never that hard i guess.
after warm ups, there was sort of a derby version of speed dating. diva gave a mini bootcamp with different drills, just bam bam bam, one after the other. one of them, half the girls on the track were jammers and half were blockers and we were just supposed to practice weaving around everyone and juking around blockers, then the next time even faster. i’ve gotten better at that, i was surprised all the hopping didnt take more out of me.
i have also noticed muscles forming in my legs that i never saw before! RDWC is the way to go. i need to just do it all year round, and never fall into bad habits, so i can just get buffer and buffer and stay that way! this is week 8, last week. the only thing i’m really dissapointed in myself about is giving into the temptation of work peanut butter. its sysco brand, so its got preservatives and of course sugar in it. that damn sugar is what makes it to tasty! if i have to cup up pb with celery sticks, i cant NOT keep having tastes here and there. i love my all natural nut butters, but damn does sugar get a hold of you!
anyway, i’ve lost between 20 and 25 lbs since i started the herbalife challenge december 1st. i’m still amazed at how my pants keep getting looser and looser. my ass is still wide and jiggly, but it has less padding because damn does it hurt when i fall on my butt or hips at practice now! after tuesday, i asked mal to see if she still had her padded shorts for me to try. i fell so hard on my left butt cheek during a diva drill, pain shot down my leg and i limp-skated for a minute or two. now when i come home from practice, i ice my knees AND my booty in bed. it really sucks when it hurts to sit down or lay on my side cuz i’m all bruised :/ i figured the lighter i was, the faster i could skate, but maybe i need that extra padding to protect muh bones? my boobs have shrank so much, i had to buy new bras and underwear actually, mine were all sagging. i guess i’m still in the process of finding my “feel great weight.”
it was cool scrimmaging with skaters who werent team mates for once though, tues. at first i felt really out of it, my head was somewhere else, but i got into the hang of it eventually. i jammed against jackie, and she went to the box, and i kept racking up points. how cool would that be if it were in a real game? i’d feel so proud that i got a bunch of points for my team, and grand slams! hopefully someday… the second time i jammed against mal and she got lead, and i kept getting knocked around and down and got tired. but having burger as my helper was awesome. she basically plowed through the pack taking out whoever was in my way lol. it was kind of like a cartoon.
so, non-derby, i randomly got a thing in the mail about a charity walk/5k run coming up. that and reading on http://www.carrotsncake.com how tina does half marathons have really put it in my head that i want to make this summer the year i run a 5k race. i was telling mum about it, and how i want to do it but it costs money to register, and maybe i should just stick to the treadmill, but i think she wants to pay for me to do it. she thinks it’ll be good for my competitive side. i would in no way be competing, i just want the knowledge that i CAN do it. i guess there are cash prizes for winners of races though, aren’t there? maybe i could work at it and get real good and get some extra cash that way, haha…
but yeah, theres a training plan online called couch to 5k that i’m going to start i think. its a 3 day a week plan for 6 or 8 weeks, and ali brought her treadmill over so i am now the proud owner of one, finally! right now its facing a wall, which makes using it not so fun, but hopefully we will rearrange the apartment so i can watch tv while running.
i’m just wondering if it is possible for me to train for this while doing derby. i mean i know it is, but taht’d be 3 days a week running, 2 days derby practice, that only leaves one day a week to strength train. i certainly don’t want to lose any of what i’ve gained in the past 3 months! i can already run 5k, i just want to follow this training program to learn how to do it right, and increase my speed. i’ll think on it some more i guess.