last night i didn’t really feel like going to practice. it was just one of those nights, ya know? i knew as soon as i skated up a sweat i’d be into it, but i kinda just felt like staying home on the couch.

we started with a partner swedish while holding up numbers. not my fav. then we did 3-5 pyramids on the small track, half one way, half opposite direction. i was happy – it felt really easy! almost effortless. and i really pushed myself with my calisthenics in the middle on my off laps, too. so there’s a sign that my endurance is so much better than before.

we scrimmaged 2 years + versus under 2 years. i can’t believe in june i’ll be with derby for 2 years! i got to be on the vets team though. i like how lately we’ve been scrimmaging more for real, with penalties, 30 seconds between jams, and a half time. it makes us take it more serious i think, which is good  pre-bout.

i even jammed, and got lead jammer, and made it through to get points and call it off! man what a great feeling. it wasnt easy, sunday had me trapped in the back for a while. burger told me to remember my quadrants when that happens and fake them out. mj said my speed is my weapon, try not to slow down when i come up on the pack, fake them out and juke the other way, keeping my speed up. mark’s friend jackie who used to skate with providence also gave me that tip. she said to keep your speed up and you have less of a chance of getting hurt when you jam; she doesnt think jammers should slow or stop at the back of the pack.

so i tried to go with that the next time i jammed, and i ploughed right into like 3 people, fell and tripped them, and had to go to the box oh well! lol. aaron was practicing announcing, and he made commentary that i have the most unique skating style on the team. hmm, i hope thats a good thing! mallory always says i have crazy legs.

i’m getting really excited for the road trip this weekend. not even the bout so much, just the trip with my team mates. i think i may have done a 360 on road trips? all the food i want to bring will definitely not fit in my one lunch bag, so i went to target tonight to buy a bigger one 🙂 tomorrow i’m going to make a batch of hummus to have for the weekend. ohio, here i come!