sunday was our scrimmage at lehigh. the part i was most excited about was getting to use my new insulated lunch bag x) it occured to me saturday that wait, lehigh is only an hour away. oh well, i still packed my usual snacks! i rode down in mj’s car with sunday (cara, a new transfer from 3 river rollergirls i believe) and mal. it was fun. i am beginning to genuinely like these road trips! who woulda thought? its crazy the things that have changed about my tastes in the past few years.
i used to only eat the yolks in dippy eggs, but over the years i have started eating a little bit of the white part, until now i can eat the whole dang egg.
i used to hate asparagus, sweet potatoes, feta cheese, olives – all things i enjoy now!
anyway, we made great time and got to the rink early. we had to wait until a kids skating party was over to start skating.
there were a lottt of lvrg girls skating. i didnt count, but it felt like they doubled us. we only actually had 10 girls that went to skate, so less than last weekend at jdb!
we lost by a lot. it sucked. what sucked more about losing was that it felt like a bout – there were announcers, not to mention the audience. but, it didnt count, it wasnt a real game. so oh well.
i was hoping to get the chance to jam at this scrimmage like last weekend. yes, i know i suck at it, and i’d probably get killed by lehigh’s heavy hitters, but i’m only gonna get better if i can practice it, right? i didnt get to jam. only burger, mj, rennee and liberty were put in to jam. burger fouled out!
having only 10 girls, we all had to go in a lot. i’ve been put in twice in a row before in bouts, but never as much as this. it wasn’t tiring so much as just something i wasnt used to. i can’t even begin to imagine how the jammers felt, going in so much! they must have super endurance to do that.
mal did a sternum block on someone, and got her in the face and was sent to the penalty box. i know high blocking is illegal, but i have gotten those type of hits before. i just got one sunday, a sternum block that landed square on my jaw by my ear. i kinda just thought that was alright. guess not, i suppose the refs just dont always see it. i had 2 minors, i saw on the board.
i dont think i played awfully, but it wasnt great. when i’m out there with only one other blocker, that shit is scary. i never know WHAT to do, and always end up being really ineffective :/ thats just like hitting the panic button for me, if 2 of our blockers are in the box. i also dont like to be pivot, because i dont ever know what to do. i dont want that responsibility! i’d much rather look to the pivot for direction. ugh, and i’m no good at b2 either. i am usually totally crappy at trying to help my jammer out…
tonight is the shenita stretcher bootcamp we’re hosting. thats exciting! we didnt sell many tickets, but found out a bunch of girls plan to come and just pay at the door. i wonder what its going to be like? this will be my first bootcamp. eeeee!