thursday we had 2 visiting skaters practice with us. hellody from dutchland, and rabbit from shore points. it was also recruit night, and we gained two new fresh meat! since they were trying out at the end of the rink with liberty, we did our warm ups on the little track. we did sprints both ways, and although i wiped out on opposite direction, i felt really good about it. i was only mildly winded at the end!
we were late getting on the track, so we were allowed to stay at the rink til 11:30. we did chompy blockers, basically the same as bouncy blockers. i lost my balance at the end of one and fell on my left ass bone real hard. wifey said i bounced haha. it was sore sitting in the car on the ride home from plymouth meeting w my parents yesterday, thats for sure. i feel pretty beat up actually, my right hip is sore as well, i fell on it hard while trying to jam. also, we were practicing hitting and big city somehow pinched the skin above my elbow pad and it really hurt! it was really tender yesterday, kind of a brush burn. whine whine….
when we scrimmaged, i wasn’t sure i’d try jamming. on one hand, i want to challenge myself. but on the other hand, i want to get away from jamming because it gets me stuck in my head and that’s no good. after half of us left at 11 there wasnt many girls so i did end up jamming. against rabbit, who is amazing. i didnt get lead, but i did get through! and got points, so thats something! i was coming up on my second scoring pass and rabbit called it off. i was proud of myself for getting points.
then we took it back and just did 4 on 1s, where i jammed again and could not make it through. i was out of breath, and kept getting knocked down, but i was sooo close to getting through if it werent for kittys big blocks. i think i was just about to make it when the whistle blew. man, 2 minutes of straight jamming sure is rough. being the target sucks. i dont know if i’ll ever be good enough to jam in a bout, this season at least. but burger said good job jamming to me thursday so that felt nice. just gotta keep on truckin i guess!