bout weekend was pretty cool! i was really excited for it. friday night i was getting all my foods together, packing my bags and writing lists of what not to forget in the morning. we were to meet up at skateaway at 8am. i started to freak out friday night and get anxious about forgetting something. it was hard to calm down and actually go to sleep!
rennee picked me up saturday morning and i loaded all my bag lady bags into her car and we were on our way. we had one big white van rental that burger was driving, and one fancy mom van rental that melissa drove. i didnt want to chance inhaling smoke so i went in the mom van. we left the wb sheetz at 8:30 and arrived at the venue about 4pm.
we stopped once at jen’s inlaws to pee (one bathroom for 18 derby girls!?), and then at denny’s to eat lunch. i was super psyched that they had an amys organic veg burger on wheat bun with mushrooms and veggies as a side 🙂 we were all hungry, and our food took forever, but boy did it taste great when it came!
we got a little lost when we got into akron but eventually found the hotel. we had about 20 minutes to drop our stuff off in rooms and change for the bout. the venue was in walking distance from the hotel! there was a digital sign that had our logo on it, that was cool to see. it wasn’t an actual rink, i don’t really know how to describe the building. a conference hall? it had multiple floors, and our locker room was actually on a dif floor than the track! we had to take a creepy freight elevator in our skates. so once we were geared up and ready, we went to watch the first bout (it was a double header), and were basically stuck there. of course i wanted to stay hydrated, but the venue didnt allow us to bring our drinks in :/

my friend kelly from ohio who skates with burning river roller girls was going to come, but didnt make it. i was bummed cuz i havent met her IRL yet, and she said she made a sign for me! there were a lot of people there though. a number of the girls who we were to be skating against were also skating in the first bout, which was billed as the B team. that’s right, we were in an A team game! i was a little worried about that part, but hoped they’d be tired out from playing one bout already and that’d even it off.

i would say we were prettymuch matched up against the team we played. we seemed to have more of an understanding of strategies though. it was a close game at times, and i didnt get put in for more than one jam in a row as much as i thought we would, for us skating with just 10 girls, but we won 130-108 in the end. burgers power jams really put us in the lead towards the end.

let me tell you about thier floor. it was a polished concrete floor, and wow was it slippery! hate polished concrete. i could tell all our jammers were having a hard time not slipping out around turn 4 especially. this is why i hate away games – the floor variable! luckily my back wasnt sore after sitting all day in the car though, so that was good. at points it seemed like we were skating on ice, the way girls were falling. and by girls i mean myself. i just was not having a good day!

once those girls saw that they could trap me in the back and just knock me around, they kept doing it. it was awful! i swear i used to have a little more skill with breaking through walls. maybe since i weigh less now, thats why its easier for someone to hold me back and knock me down? i dunno, but it was just ridic. i’m sure i looked like a ragdoll. someone video taped the bout, so i’m sure i’m gonna be embarassed to see it. i def got beat up a lot! i felt so bad, i wish i could have gotten up there to help my team instead of being stuck in the back 😦

liberty says i’m too hard on myself. why do i always feel as if everything wrong that happened in a game falls on me? i feel like its so obvious when i mess up, but is everyone else so focused on them selves that they only see thier own mistakes too?

after the bout ended, an older woman came up to me and said good job, and asked about our jammer with the little butt lol. she told mj and i that her son is a ref and this was her first bout. thats nice, when people share with you like that. its cool to know you contributed to someones entertaining experience.

we went back to the hotel to shower and headed over to the after party. luckily it was not in a smoky dive bar, but it was in a bar with a bad cover band. as everyone around me partook in beers and fried food, i scarfed down my feta/tomatoes/olives and apple & peanut butter. as soon as my hunger was fed, i was ready to go home. my knees needed to be iced, and i wanted to get to sleep.

luckily ali and jen were going to nicole’s house, and they dropped me off at the hotel. nicole skated with us last year and then moved to ohio. at the hotel, i searched the floors for a working ice machine, but eventually just used my melting cooler ice pack on my knees and passed out. i dont know what time everyone came back to the room but they knocked loudly as i’d instructed, and i got up mostly still asleep and let them in.

i figured i’d be the first person up since i’m used to waking up early, and get to shower and make my baked instant oatmeal… but it was actually like 10:30 when i woke up! i cant believe i slept so long. and thus began another long day of driving. my body must have been in heal-me mode because i felt like the bottomless pit, eating almost all my snacks.

we stopped at cracker barrel for breakfast, and then a sheetz but those were our only stops on the way home. we flew home. melissa’s van lost burger a number of times, she drives soo fast! i was so bored in the car i fell asleep a few times. all in all i am really surprised at how well i did on the car ride 🙂 and if nothing else, this bout gave me something to strive for. i’ve got to work on breaking up walls!! it did feel pretty awesome to win our first bout of the season though, yes. here’s to many more wins this season!