i’ve been putting off blogging for too long. i totally just typed blocking instead of blogging and had to change it lol. anyway, we’ve been working on a lot of new stuff lately. so much new stuff that i cant even remember it all. there was scalloping, more long block work, the rest will come back to me.
the scalloping was kind of like fanny pack, but staggering with a wall of 3 and kind of doing jammer on the out. it felt reallly awkward and i didnt like it. i couldnt see myself actually using it.
i hate when we do a drill for something that i don’t fully understand, or can’t do correctly. it frustrates me. when i was newer to derby, i felt that way a lot, but these days when that feeling hits me, it kind of catches me off guard. do not like.
we had an open skate pr event friday night. man was that place packed with jerky kids! screaming, hormonal, wound up little assholes. i didnt skate a ton, the lights were off for quite a bit when i got there, and i dont like to skate on a dark rink. but i noticed that when i did skate, i felt about 99% confident weaving through and around packs of kids. its been forever since i went to an open skate, but i’ve always been a little nervous skating around a ton of kids. remember my tackling incident of late 2010? well i finally don’t fear that “panicking and not being able to stop and breaking a kids arm” thing, so i guess it’s safe to say i’m a real pro now!