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here are some pics from the scrimmage against jdb a few weeks ago. my computer is being an ass though or else i would upload more. photo credits to NUVO.

thats my roller derby butt!


my first bootcamp

i’ve been putting off blogging all week. the shenita stretcher blocking bootcamp tuesday wasn’t very enjoyable for me. i was in a good mood and excited for it, got there early, helped put the track down. girls started showing up before 7:30. before i knew it, it was time to gear up. everyone who was there who wasnt a radical warmed up skating around the outside of the wftda track, but we skate around the whole rink, so that was weird. it felt like we were skating around for ever. i got really bored. i wanted to get into it! liberty lead us in a warm up on the track where we pack up and do what our rotating pivot tells us.
god, skating in a pack with that many girls terrifies me. will it always? whenever we do something like that, i end up in the back, where i’m mostly safe from locking skate wheels. *hangs head in shame*
then we stretched… and shenita still wasnt there. i kind of thought maybe she wasn’t coming, and it’d just be liberty leading a joint practice! she finally showed up though after diamonds. shes so cute! shes smaller than she looks in pictures.
it was a lot of talking, her explaining things to us. concepts like 80/20 weight distribution, chomping, and being long. then we’d line up and take turns practicing what she just explained. this is where i started to get really frustrated. i think what most pissed me off was doing this one where we’d skate up next to our partner, turn around and quickly do kind of a reverse long block to block them out, while skating backwards. i only know how to turn around the one way, and it was not the right way for this particular drill, so that threw my timing off and i couldnt get it right. i’d go through and shenita would give me a suggestion and then my next time she’d say something else to try and make me get it… and i was so frustrated i just growled at her. i growled at shenita stretcher! how mortifying. she was just like “i knowww, its hard…” and she probably didnt take it personally but i felt like an ass.
we did one drill partner blocking, and i didnt catch how she explained it, so i was lost through out it. i didnt know which line said what, and i was too scared to ask. i felt such anxiety and overwhelmed, and i think it hit me that i had a $111 citation to pay… i just felt tears coming to my eyes. i wanted to leave and go home. i thought about going to the bathroom for a good cry. i didnt though, i just stayed on the floor, miserable. i couldnt wait for it to be over.
finally it was, and we didnt have time to scrimmage. i would have liked the experience a lot more if it was just one of our girls explaining all the stuff and it was just our team. i would have felt a lot more comfortable i think. so i am really glad i never paid and travelled to go to a bootcamp. i think i’m just always gonna stay behind and wait for the girls who did go to bring back what they learned and teach it to us. at least now i know how i feel about bootcamps!

lehigh scrimmage

sunday was our scrimmage at lehigh. the part i was most excited about was getting to use my new insulated lunch bag x) it occured to me saturday that wait, lehigh is only an hour away. oh well, i still packed my usual snacks! i rode down in mj’s car with sunday (cara, a new transfer from 3 river rollergirls i believe) and mal. it was fun. i am beginning to genuinely like these road trips! who woulda thought? its crazy the things that have changed about my tastes in the past few years.
i used to only eat the yolks in dippy eggs, but over the years i have started eating a little bit of the white part, until now i can eat the whole dang egg.
i used to hate asparagus, sweet potatoes, feta cheese, olives – all things i enjoy now!
anyway, we made great time and got to the rink early. we had to wait until a kids skating party was over to start skating.
there were a lottt of lvrg girls skating. i didnt count, but it felt like they doubled us. we only actually had 10 girls that went to skate, so less than last weekend at jdb!
we lost by a lot. it sucked. what sucked more about losing was that it felt like a bout – there were announcers, not to mention the audience. but, it didnt count, it wasnt a real game. so oh well.
i was hoping to get the chance to jam at this scrimmage like last weekend. yes, i know i suck at it, and i’d probably get killed by lehigh’s heavy hitters, but i’m only gonna get better if i can practice it, right? i didnt get to jam. only burger, mj, rennee and liberty were put in to jam. burger fouled out!
having only 10 girls, we all had to go in a lot. i’ve been put in twice in a row before in bouts, but never as much as this. it wasn’t tiring so much as just something i wasnt used to. i can’t even begin to imagine how the jammers felt, going in so much! they must have super endurance to do that.
mal did a sternum block on someone, and got her in the face and was sent to the penalty box. i know high blocking is illegal, but i have gotten those type of hits before. i just got one sunday, a sternum block that landed square on my jaw by my ear. i kinda just thought that was alright. guess not, i suppose the refs just dont always see it. i had 2 minors, i saw on the board.
i dont think i played awfully, but it wasnt great. when i’m out there with only one other blocker, that shit is scary. i never know WHAT to do, and always end up being really ineffective :/ thats just like hitting the panic button for me, if 2 of our blockers are in the box. i also dont like to be pivot, because i dont ever know what to do. i dont want that responsibility! i’d much rather look to the pivot for direction. ugh, and i’m no good at b2 either. i am usually totally crappy at trying to help my jammer out…
tonight is the shenita stretcher bootcamp we’re hosting. thats exciting! we didnt sell many tickets, but found out a bunch of girls plan to come and just pay at the door. i wonder what its going to be like? this will be my first bootcamp. eeeee!

tiny practice

we had such a small practice on thursday! i wasn’t expecting that, its been forever since we’ve had less than 10 girls show up. we’re from all over though, and some parts got snow while wb did not. we made the best of it!
we did the speed line which i dont think we’ve done in about a year. man is that humbling. we were debating weather to do it with fastest in the front or fastest in the back, and we opted for front. so it went burger, mj, me, mallory, kitty, cara and sarah. boy was that humbling. mj was the only one who could stay up there with burger. by the time mj went everyone was all spread out. i was so tired out i could hardly push myself for my 2 laps.
then we did a pack speed modulation drill which was good. we did a long blocking weave. i couldn’t get the hang of it. later we practiced hitting with a partner on the track for a while, so i got to work on that with mj. i’m glad we got to practice hits, i feel like thats something thats fallen by the wayside for me at least.
then we played queen of the rink, so it was a hit intensive practice again! i had a bruise on my right arm from the scrimmage, and when i woke up friday morning, i had 2 more bruises by it, and another that actually showed around my tattoo on my left arm. if it were short sleeve tshirt weather, people would totes think i have an abusive boyfriend! and then i could tell them no, i just play roller derby x) hehe…
i am feeling really crappy today from being in a smoke filled bar last night. i’m so sensitive to it. i’m glad the scrimmage wasnt today. i’ll be fully recovered by tomoro i’m sure! it will be nice to have monday off work too in case we get back from lehigh late.

valentines day practice

tuesday was valentines day, but i forgot to wear my red tights for the occasion. my wifey is back to carpool, and she got me a rose, candy hearts and a card that she pasted a picture of us on! ❤ that was really nice. i felt bad cuz i didnt get her a valentine :/ she's getting over an ear/throat infection so she's not skating again yet. i hope she gets all better and healthy and can make it back to skating for more than 2 practices before something else comes up this time!!
we did the hitting weave with paper plates under our arms like last practice, on thursday when i was just watching. i havent done that in forevvvver. it takes longer, because everyone feels awkward holding the plates. then we did hitting/hopping weave the same way, and boy was the left side of my lower back aching from staying down in derby stance for so long. its had a cramp in it that acts up sometimes lately, i thought it was from leaning over the tables at work to wipe them down between lunches, but i guess it could be from derby. once i made a concious effort to bend at the legs and not my back, the pain let up a little though actually.
then we did 4 minutes of hell, 2 mins each way. we held the plates and i think that threw me off a little, i felt like i was pumping my arms more than i normally would… or maybe it was just more obvious because there were paper plates at the end of them. either way, i really pushed it and felt good about my speed. as in the past, i was able to keep up my left crossovers in the opposite direction mostly, actually better than last time we did the ___ minutes of hell. i wonder how many minutes we'll work up to in the future…
the rest of the night was dedicated to hitting drills. with the pads, and a timing drill with the cones. i used to love those practices, but this time was just boring and tedious. i wanted some action i guess lol. my arms have bruises on them today from the shoulder checks.
the radicals have some exciting events coming up – next tuesday we're hosting a shenita stretcher bootcamp! its 8 – 11pm, so basically the same time as our normal practice plus an hour, plus registration time. i wonder how many derby girls are gonna come? i'm sure glad i didnt shell out the money to travel to go to one of her bootcamps.
this friday some bands are playing at a bar for a fundraiser to help us get to ohio next month. (not sure if i mentioned, but i am not looking forward to that long drive…) then saturday some of our girls are going to do "shot girl" at another bar thats having a "camo ball." sunday is the lehigh scrimmage, and tuesday is the bootcamp! in the beginning of march we're holding a sock hop fundraiser, but details are still to come on that one. i can probably just wear my halloween costume, which was a carhop outfit i wore with tall white skates!

jdb scrimmage

so sunday was our scrimmage in new jersey. we were leaving at 11:30 from skateaway, and i sent my alarm for 9am. i should have set it earlier! i always rush around, worrying i’ll forget something. i got an actual insulated lunch bag to keep my snacks cold 🙂 mark was fast asleep, and i was obsessing over making sure he got up in time to tighten my gumballs. i also chose sunday to try a new breakfast recipe from my carrots n cake book, which was a bad idea. the wheat berries took 45 minutes to cook, just for a few to put in stovetop pb banana oatmeal. it was delish, and super filling, but i should have gone with something i knew already to keep the stress factor down.
i wasn’t nervous about the scrimmage, i figured it’d be like last time, more of a joint practice, with a little mixed scrimmage thrown in at the end. last time we did partner pyramids, and my partner was crissy catastrophe i remember. i figured if we did that type of stuff at least my endurance is better than the last time i was there.
about 20 minutes into the car ride, i started to get a headache so i took some advil which booted it, so that was good. i hoped i wouldnt get a dizzy spell while skating! the car ride was fun, and we stopped at burger king. i needed something more than breakfast at that point because we’d be skating in 2 hours, but i wasnt too hungry. i just got a veggie patty with no bun. i did get hungry when we were almost to the rink, so i had a few grapes, hoping eating so soon wouldnt upset my stomach. it didnt. we geared up in a very crowded changing room and waited for jdb’s fresh meat to finish up on the rink. i recognized smack canary from the jump start the new year challenge. i got to chat with her later and introduce myself.
all we did was a little warm up, stretch, and then got right down to scrimmaging! liberty said every one of us would get to jam at least once. i was happy, because i wanted to try it outside the safety of my own team practice, but also a little nervous.
well it wasnt my best 😦 i jammed twice, and the one time i was lead jammer, and i was gonna call it off after making it through the pack once, and i was so close to being out of the pack, but got knocked out. then i couldnt make it out again. its so frustrating! my legs were really tired, and i didnt know why. we hadnt done any endurance? i was angry at myself and once again wondered why i set myself up for failure time after time, thinking i can jam.
my spirit was broken after that, and i didn’t step up to even go in very much. we won 114 to 64. which i couldnt even believe, because at the half it was something like 59 – 62. our strong points seemed to be strategy and endurance sunday, so thats cool. but yeah, it wasnt a real great day for me personally.
we stopped at friendlys on the ride home and mal, kitty, mj and melissa and i all talked about our feelings and performance issues, etc. it felt good to know i’m not alone in my frustrations.
of course now that some time has passed, i’m back to thinking if i just keep trying, i can get better at jamming. i need to be determined and confident that i’m going to break up those walls. i tend to get scared and feel like there’s no way i’m getting through so i stop trying.
i also want to work on long blocking. i did a perfect long block on someone sunday but glided right past them. so really my issue is timing, still. yeah its cool that we won the scrimmage, but it pointed out that i still have so much to work on to better myself as a player.
i’m hoping for a great practice tonight.

worn out.

last night was not a great night. i’ve still been a little sick, the sore throat has gone away but i’m just fuckin annoyed with the congestion, blowing my nose, ears blocked part. i’ve had to serve twice lately and cant hear what the kids are ordering! i dont understand why i’m not getting better. last week i took dayquil and that made me feel like a space cadet. this week mark gave me his trusty sudafed and that made me feel dizzy! i’ve taken about a million packets of emergenC….
a friend on ichange kind of gave me a reality check when she told me yesterday that our bodies are fighting a battle when we don’t feel well. so working out gives it another battle to fight. she is right, i should be resting my body. but have i? nooo, i’ve been doing my workout routines the same as always. stupid.
monday i took an hour nap cuz i just felt wiped out after work, and was thinking of taking it easy with some yoga, but wasnt sure if i could because my nose was so stuffed, the breathing wouldnt come naturally. so i put on my rdw dvd, and soon my head was pounding. so i only did about half.
then last night at practice, we started with some 30 sec sprints and skills, and i told myself to not push myself. just keep moving, but dont push it to the hilt. it was really hard to not give it my all. what is wrong with me? i never used to be like this. i loved being lazy! i stayed home from work last wednesday, but i had a long to-do list and got lots of stuff done around the house. i need to just sit and relax for once, ahhh! its hard. but after the beating i feel like my body took last night, i am determined to do just that.
after the 30 sec sprint drill, we did -what else- build a bitch. of course, on a night when my shoulder’s super sore already and i questioned weather i should do just the normal warm up stretch 15 pushups.
the first interval was 30 pushups, but i think i cheated and did just 20 or 25. luckily it alternated between pushups and crunches. again, i tried to keep a steady moderate pace, but i did kick it up a few times to see how far i could push myself.
as if that wasn’t enough, we then did leg burners, which we havent done in a long time. my thighs were burning and cramping! after that we scrimmaged. my legs were jello so i knew i’d be useless if i were to jam. burger handed me the jam cap though once, and i was right. i kept getting hit, in particular by mj. she is a really great blocker, in addition to an awesome jammer! she was on me like white on rice, and i was exhausted so i kept falling. it was pitiful. while sitting out the next jam, i dunno if it was pms but i felt like i was going to start crying! just the usual beating myself up, thinking why do i make this stupid goal over and over, when its never gonna happen for me? no matter how strong i get, i’m just not a jammer. learn to live with it, and focus on your blocking skills, sharky….
i was also in pain, i’d taken a big spill tripping over a downed big city. i thought i could step over her but i was *sorely* mistaken – i came down really hard on my left hip bone. it was on fire and turned bright red immediately. i iced it in bed.
after practice last night, i just felt like, okay i really need a day off to just let myself heal. i wanted to take another sick day, but that would be bad. i may or may not skate at practice tomorrow. i just want to make sure i’m 100% for our scrimmage with jdb this sunday. i’m beginning to wonder if i’ll ever know what 100% feels like again. it hit me that i recently ran out of the herbalife multivitamins and didnt buy them again… plus i’m not drinking the shake for breakfast every morning anymore, some days i make real breakfasts. so i’m not getting all those nutrients i was used to. maybe i should order those multivitamins again….

false alarm

well tuesday must have been a fluke, because turns out i still suck at jamming. how disappointing.
anyway, thursday i felt much better, except my ears were blocked so i kept trying to unblock them before practice, and musta done something weird because the left one started hurting, like an ear ache and headache right before carpool. i took an advil on the way, and it went away. nixher and i were super early to practice. at the league meeting, burger said she’d always be at the rink by 8:30. i don’t know exactly what time we’re allowed to step onto the rink, but hey any extra skate time is good time, so maybe i’ll start getting there earlier.
we started out with 3 minutes of hell, balls to the wall as liberty put it. a minute and a half both ways. it was good, and my left cross overs stayed pretty consistent except for at the very end. we did 2 partner weaves, and then the skating backwards weave twice through, that ones so tricky, its real hard to get started, but once you’ve got your rhythm down, its easier. definitely easier as we do it more.
then we did bouncy blockers, and i got through once. the more we do it, the more i keep my eye out for the exposed hip and just try to jostle them around to create an opening. i’m glad i’m comfortable dancing around on my toe stops.
then we scrimmaged. i jammed twice and suckked! i dont know if it was because my legs were already tired from doing the 3 minutes of hell, but i could not make it through the pack, and i was just so tired 😦 kept getting hit and falling, the usual. oh well. back to the drawing board i suppose.
i felt really beat up after this particular practice. i wore tights and a skirt and got rink rash… someone fell on me and pinned my ankle, which started bruising right away on the inside bump part… i had velcro burn all over my upper arms. i havent felt so beat up from a practice in a while! i also think i’m much more comfortable wearing like my spandex shorts to skate in than tights and a skirt. i guess by derby style is evolving, haha. i only have that one pair or danskin knee length spandex shorts mum got me from walmart. i’ll have to look for more….

winning & jamming

i’m a winner, i’m a winner! turns out i won the jump start the new year herbalife challenge! woo-hoo, 250 beans, cold hard ca$h just for me X) i was already really proud of my accomplishments and hard work, but this is the cherry on the sundae! any time my will power wavered, i thought of that prize money. money is a powerful motivator! who knew.
monday i started to feel crappy at work, kind of headachey and with a slight sore throat. i didn’t like it one bit. it’s been so long since i’ve been sick, and i just don’t want to deal with that noise. i heard that somewhere. anyway, i took some dayquil, and loaded up on emergenC tuesday hoping i’d be 100% for practice. once my second dose of dayquil wore off i actually felt better. mum stopped by with a bin of my old clothes since i dont really have any jeans that fit anymore, and she said dayquil is alcohol based. what!? i thought the only medicine that was alcohol based was nyquil.
well i was the only one out of our carpool who was going to practice, nixher and ali were both sick. i had been contemplating just going to watch if i didnt feel better. but my nose was just a little runny, and sweating it out made me feel much better! we were doing bouncy blockers and i got through once, and i just thought “i’m so glad i skated tonight, this feels great.” i forgot how sweaty bouncy blockers makes ya. i also really enjoyed that drill we do where we sprint back and forth, doing whatever stop or knee fall jen tells us at the ends. i did slam my left foot into the wall pretty hard one time and it hurt toe for a while. i was hoping it wasn’t really bad and i’d lose my toe nail, haha.
we had just enough girls to scrimmage, and since liberty was out, jen ran practice off her typed up notes and instruction. i gingerly volunteered to jam, and man did i blow myself out of the water. i probably sound like i’m totally full of myself, but i was genuinely really surprised at my performance. i think my core must be stronger (lol my mom even complimented me on it during our visit yesterday), because i found it easier to stay up when getting hit, and i felt much more agile on my skates trying to get through the pack. and i’m very pleased with my endurance – in the past i would get really winded before i’d even make it to my scoring pass, if i ever got a scoring pass! last night making it around the track didnt phase me. i jammed twice and did feel a little more spent the second time, but nowhere near as exhausted as i would have in the past.
i still got knocked out a lot, but i just focused on bouncing back up as fast as i could. i need to work on stopping as quickly as possible when i get knocked out, instead of sliding around.
i woke up with a very sore throat this morning, so i called off work. i had wanted to yesterday, but actually got called in early because my coworker called off. i hope i am feeling 100% for thursdays practice!