last sunday i went with some roller radicals to the HARD (harrisburg area roller derby) vs providence roller derby in harrisburg. i was excited because it was to be my first bout where i could just watch, and hopefully not help out with some job! jen was the only one who got recruited for a job, and we got in for free! so that ruled. smash drove, and we made real good time so we ate at perkins again, yum. it was me, smash, jen, ellie, mj, and burger. and beck and her kids and papa grump rode in a seperate car. the ride down was so cold cuz the a/c was on, and it was foggy out and rainy. i remembered why i hate road trips. bo-ring!
but once we stepped into the skating rink, i was definitely not bored any longer! there was a live band set up! i was really excited to see roller derby as it was meant to be presented – with live entertainment. when JT and the heat started playing, the away team started skating around the track, warming up. it was so cool! and the band werent too bad, despite my qualms since the program described them as an alt-country/blues band. i cant wait to skate one day to live music πŸ™‚ it really took the experience to a whole new level for me!
providence’s uniforms were real cute. navy blue blouse-looking shirts with white trim and buttons, and thier numbers printed in white on the cap sleeves! both teams were WFTDA registered as well so they all had the wftda patch on their outfits.
i was so psyched to find out that a girl on harrisburg’s nuclear knockouts was named Skate Edge! she wore white teenage mutant ninja turtles boxer shorts, and was a pivot. there was another girl who caught my interest named neve cannibal who threw out fake bloody fingers during her intro! she also had some pretty cool diy illustrated white tights on. oh and my fav was osker the ouch, she was main jammer. i remember her from the scrimmage.
this game was pretty action packed. during the first period, 2 girls from the home team had injuries where the emt’s had to come out. one girl hurt her knee, and one hurt her ankle.
providence annihilated harrisburg. they were very aggressive. i had heard providence was a really good team. what i didnt hear very much of at all, was the b3 position calling out where the jammers were. at practice we do it all the time, but i only heard calls like 2 or 3 times at the bout. providence beat hard by 100 points. it was a great bout to watch. oh- and my favorite part! towards the end i could see that osker the ouch was really tired, and papa grump noted that she was def in pain – and lo and behold, she passed the star! it was my first time seeing that. i think it happened at one of our bouts but i missed it.
watching the hard bout though was kinda hard. roller derby isnt the easiest sport to follow. its so fast paced, plus i’m not a sports fan in general. add on to that my short attention span and youve got a recipe for a lot of confusion and boredom! but i tried very hard to pay attention and take mental notes. during the second period i do confess my mind was wandering… :/

after that bout though, i couldnt wait for practice tuesday. it renewed my hunger to push myself and get better so i can compete! but i got sick and on monday felt like total death, so i skipped practice tuesday. i really didnt want to, but i knew if i went i’d push myself and probably get sicker. it sucked cuz last week there was only that one practice, thursday skateaway scheduled an adult night.
which i did make it to. i dressed derby and wore my jersey, the radicals who showed up got in for free. i forced mark to go, but he didnt feel like skating so he just sat and hung out. i thought more people i knew would go! lots of my freinds used to go to adult skate nights back in the early 2000s when they had them. despite the shoddy attendance, skateaway is having another 18+ night, the third thursday next month as well.
i guess at practice tuesday night they took a poll to see what everyone wanted to do for practices during the winter – either take 6 weeks off entirely, or go down to one day a week, and which day. i voted by text for tuesdays. that way i’d be able to watch the new season of 30 rock on thursday nights! πŸ˜‰
saturday night was the roller radicals 1 year anniversary party at rodanos. i love thier pizza! unfortunately mark has been having a lot of social anxiety lately, so the $13 i paid for him to eat at the party went to waste, he didnt eat at all. i had 3 slices of pizza, chatted a little bit, and then we left. tara made up certificates and buttons for each of the members though, i’m gonna frame it! there were also rollerskate shaped chocolates πŸ™‚ it was a nice party, though a lot of people didn’t come. liberty was sick, and ellie was with zak in deleware.
that about sums up the past week. since i was sick i didnt go to the gym last week, and the week before that i was getting into the back to school groove so i only went once. i really really need to start working out again!! i need to build up my endurance!