we had such a small practice on thursday! i wasn’t expecting that, its been forever since we’ve had less than 10 girls show up. we’re from all over though, and some parts got snow while wb did not. we made the best of it!
we did the speed line which i dont think we’ve done in about a year. man is that humbling. we were debating weather to do it with fastest in the front or fastest in the back, and we opted for front. so it went burger, mj, me, mallory, kitty, cara and sarah. boy was that humbling. mj was the only one who could stay up there with burger. by the time mj went everyone was all spread out. i was so tired out i could hardly push myself for my 2 laps.
then we did a pack speed modulation drill which was good. we did a long blocking weave. i couldn’t get the hang of it. later we practiced hitting with a partner on the track for a while, so i got to work on that with mj. i’m glad we got to practice hits, i feel like thats something thats fallen by the wayside for me at least.
then we played queen of the rink, so it was a hit intensive practice again! i had a bruise on my right arm from the scrimmage, and when i woke up friday morning, i had 2 more bruises by it, and another that actually showed around my tattoo on my left arm. if it were short sleeve tshirt weather, people would totes think i have an abusive boyfriend! and then i could tell them no, i just play roller derby x) hehe…
i am feeling really crappy today from being in a smoke filled bar last night. i’m so sensitive to it. i’m glad the scrimmage wasnt today. i’ll be fully recovered by tomoro i’m sure! it will be nice to have monday off work too in case we get back from lehigh late.