tuesday was valentines day, but i forgot to wear my red tights for the occasion. my wifey is back to carpool, and she got me a rose, candy hearts and a card that she pasted a picture of us on! ❤ that was really nice. i felt bad cuz i didnt get her a valentine :/ she's getting over an ear/throat infection so she's not skating again yet. i hope she gets all better and healthy and can make it back to skating for more than 2 practices before something else comes up this time!!
we did the hitting weave with paper plates under our arms like last practice, on thursday when i was just watching. i havent done that in forevvvver. it takes longer, because everyone feels awkward holding the plates. then we did hitting/hopping weave the same way, and boy was the left side of my lower back aching from staying down in derby stance for so long. its had a cramp in it that acts up sometimes lately, i thought it was from leaning over the tables at work to wipe them down between lunches, but i guess it could be from derby. once i made a concious effort to bend at the legs and not my back, the pain let up a little though actually.
then we did 4 minutes of hell, 2 mins each way. we held the plates and i think that threw me off a little, i felt like i was pumping my arms more than i normally would… or maybe it was just more obvious because there were paper plates at the end of them. either way, i really pushed it and felt good about my speed. as in the past, i was able to keep up my left crossovers in the opposite direction mostly, actually better than last time we did the ___ minutes of hell. i wonder how many minutes we'll work up to in the future…
the rest of the night was dedicated to hitting drills. with the pads, and a timing drill with the cones. i used to love those practices, but this time was just boring and tedious. i wanted some action i guess lol. my arms have bruises on them today from the shoulder checks.
the radicals have some exciting events coming up – next tuesday we're hosting a shenita stretcher bootcamp! its 8 – 11pm, so basically the same time as our normal practice plus an hour, plus registration time. i wonder how many derby girls are gonna come? i'm sure glad i didnt shell out the money to travel to go to one of her bootcamps.
this friday some bands are playing at a bar for a fundraiser to help us get to ohio next month. (not sure if i mentioned, but i am not looking forward to that long drive…) then saturday some of our girls are going to do "shot girl" at another bar thats having a "camo ball." sunday is the lehigh scrimmage, and tuesday is the bootcamp! in the beginning of march we're holding a sock hop fundraiser, but details are still to come on that one. i can probably just wear my halloween costume, which was a carhop outfit i wore with tall white skates!