last night was not a great night. i’ve still been a little sick, the sore throat has gone away but i’m just fuckin annoyed with the congestion, blowing my nose, ears blocked part. i’ve had to serve twice lately and cant hear what the kids are ordering! i dont understand why i’m not getting better. last week i took dayquil and that made me feel like a space cadet. this week mark gave me his trusty sudafed and that made me feel dizzy! i’ve taken about a million packets of emergenC….
a friend on ichange kind of gave me a reality check when she told me yesterday that our bodies are fighting a battle when we don’t feel well. so working out gives it another battle to fight. she is right, i should be resting my body. but have i? nooo, i’ve been doing my workout routines the same as always. stupid.
monday i took an hour nap cuz i just felt wiped out after work, and was thinking of taking it easy with some yoga, but wasnt sure if i could because my nose was so stuffed, the breathing wouldnt come naturally. so i put on my rdw dvd, and soon my head was pounding. so i only did about half.
then last night at practice, we started with some 30 sec sprints and skills, and i told myself to not push myself. just keep moving, but dont push it to the hilt. it was really hard to not give it my all. what is wrong with me? i never used to be like this. i loved being lazy! i stayed home from work last wednesday, but i had a long to-do list and got lots of stuff done around the house. i need to just sit and relax for once, ahhh! its hard. but after the beating i feel like my body took last night, i am determined to do just that.
after the 30 sec sprint drill, we did -what else- build a bitch. of course, on a night when my shoulder’s super sore already and i questioned weather i should do just the normal warm up stretch 15 pushups.
the first interval was 30 pushups, but i think i cheated and did just 20 or 25. luckily it alternated between pushups and crunches. again, i tried to keep a steady moderate pace, but i did kick it up a few times to see how far i could push myself.
as if that wasn’t enough, we then did leg burners, which we havent done in a long time. my thighs were burning and cramping! after that we scrimmaged. my legs were jello so i knew i’d be useless if i were to jam. burger handed me the jam cap though once, and i was right. i kept getting hit, in particular by mj. she is a really great blocker, in addition to an awesome jammer! she was on me like white on rice, and i was exhausted so i kept falling. it was pitiful. while sitting out the next jam, i dunno if it was pms but i felt like i was going to start crying! just the usual beating myself up, thinking why do i make this stupid goal over and over, when its never gonna happen for me? no matter how strong i get, i’m just not a jammer. learn to live with it, and focus on your blocking skills, sharky….
i was also in pain, i’d taken a big spill tripping over a downed big city. i thought i could step over her but i was *sorely* mistaken – i came down really hard on my left hip bone. it was on fire and turned bright red immediately. i iced it in bed.
after practice last night, i just felt like, okay i really need a day off to just let myself heal. i wanted to take another sick day, but that would be bad. i may or may not skate at practice tomorrow. i just want to make sure i’m 100% for our scrimmage with jdb this sunday. i’m beginning to wonder if i’ll ever know what 100% feels like again. it hit me that i recently ran out of the herbalife multivitamins and didnt buy them again… plus i’m not drinking the shake for breakfast every morning anymore, some days i make real breakfasts. so i’m not getting all those nutrients i was used to. maybe i should order those multivitamins again….