well tuesday must have been a fluke, because turns out i still suck at jamming. how disappointing.
anyway, thursday i felt much better, except my ears were blocked so i kept trying to unblock them before practice, and musta done something weird because the left one started hurting, like an ear ache and headache right before carpool. i took an advil on the way, and it went away. nixher and i were super early to practice. at the league meeting, burger said she’d always be at the rink by 8:30. i don’t know exactly what time we’re allowed to step onto the rink, but hey any extra skate time is good time, so maybe i’ll start getting there earlier.
we started out with 3 minutes of hell, balls to the wall as liberty put it. a minute and a half both ways. it was good, and my left cross overs stayed pretty consistent except for at the very end. we did 2 partner weaves, and then the skating backwards weave twice through, that ones so tricky, its real hard to get started, but once you’ve got your rhythm down, its easier. definitely easier as we do it more.
then we did bouncy blockers, and i got through once. the more we do it, the more i keep my eye out for the exposed hip and just try to jostle them around to create an opening. i’m glad i’m comfortable dancing around on my toe stops.
then we scrimmaged. i jammed twice and suckked! i dont know if it was because my legs were already tired from doing the 3 minutes of hell, but i could not make it through the pack, and i was just so tired 😦 kept getting hit and falling, the usual. oh well. back to the drawing board i suppose.
i felt really beat up after this particular practice. i wore tights and a skirt and got rink rash… someone fell on me and pinned my ankle, which started bruising right away on the inside bump part… i had velcro burn all over my upper arms. i havent felt so beat up from a practice in a while! i also think i’m much more comfortable wearing like my spandex shorts to skate in than tights and a skirt. i guess by derby style is evolving, haha. i only have that one pair or danskin knee length spandex shorts mum got me from walmart. i’ll have to look for more….