i’m a winner, i’m a winner! turns out i won the jump start the new year herbalife challenge! woo-hoo, 250 beans, cold hard ca$h just for me X) i was already really proud of my accomplishments and hard work, but this is the cherry on the sundae! any time my will power wavered, i thought of that prize money. money is a powerful motivator! who knew.
monday i started to feel crappy at work, kind of headachey and with a slight sore throat. i didn’t like it one bit. it’s been so long since i’ve been sick, and i just don’t want to deal with that noise. i heard that somewhere. anyway, i took some dayquil, and loaded up on emergenC tuesday hoping i’d be 100% for practice. once my second dose of dayquil wore off i actually felt better. mum stopped by with a bin of my old clothes since i dont really have any jeans that fit anymore, and she said dayquil is alcohol based. what!? i thought the only medicine that was alcohol based was nyquil.
well i was the only one out of our carpool who was going to practice, nixher and ali were both sick. i had been contemplating just going to watch if i didnt feel better. but my nose was just a little runny, and sweating it out made me feel much better! we were doing bouncy blockers and i got through once, and i just thought “i’m so glad i skated tonight, this feels great.” i forgot how sweaty bouncy blockers makes ya. i also really enjoyed that drill we do where we sprint back and forth, doing whatever stop or knee fall jen tells us at the ends. i did slam my left foot into the wall pretty hard one time and it hurt toe for a while. i was hoping it wasn’t really bad and i’d lose my toe nail, haha.
we had just enough girls to scrimmage, and since liberty was out, jen ran practice off her typed up notes and instruction. i gingerly volunteered to jam, and man did i blow myself out of the water. i probably sound like i’m totally full of myself, but i was genuinely really surprised at my performance. i think my core must be stronger (lol my mom even complimented me on it during our visit yesterday), because i found it easier to stay up when getting hit, and i felt much more agile on my skates trying to get through the pack. and i’m very pleased with my endurance – in the past i would get really winded before i’d even make it to my scoring pass, if i ever got a scoring pass! last night making it around the track didnt phase me. i jammed twice and did feel a little more spent the second time, but nowhere near as exhausted as i would have in the past.
i still got knocked out a lot, but i just focused on bouncing back up as fast as i could. i need to work on stopping as quickly as possible when i get knocked out, instead of sliding around.
i woke up with a very sore throat this morning, so i called off work. i had wanted to yesterday, but actually got called in early because my coworker called off. i hope i am feeling 100% for thursdays practice!