i’d like to start with something that made me happy the other day at the gym. i finally got a knee support, because my right knee bothers me when i run on the treadmill for too long, but i feel like i could go much farther if it weren’t for the knee pain. well i was correct in assuming this! i wore it the other day and easily ran another whole mile, with no knee pain. i felt awesome 🙂 this takes me up to 3 miles running with no stopping, so i think it’s safe to say that my endurance is back to where it was when i was considering doing a 5k. maybe i will meet that goal this year!
now, another gym related note. when is the last time anyone has heard the song fergalicious by fergie? i totally forgot it existed, until i heard it at the gym. haha…
oh and also, i was doing a workout this week that goes 10 burpees, 30 second squat hold, 10 star jumps, 30 second plank, repeat 10 times. and god, i still hate those blasted squat holds! but i didnt have trouble with the burpees, and i was thinking during them, hmmm… doing burpees makes me feel like i could do anything. kind of like a superhero, lol. i dunno. i shared this sentiment with mark and he just laughs at the name burpees. alright, squat thrusts if you will! 😛
anywho, onto practice last night. it felt good to be skating again after a league meeting tuesday, where many goals and plans for this year were laid out. inspiring & hopeful! this is going to be a kick ass year for the radicals.
when we were skating backwards, i saw this girl my hellody from dutchland and thought whoa – that reminds me of how figure skaters skate backwards really fast when theyre getting ready to do a jump thing. i used to watch figure skating with my mom when i was younger a lot. i hope someday i can skate backwards that well. my hellody has been to a few of our practices to get in some extra skate time lately. i love her name, as i love any sanrio character of course x)
we did endless jammer, where theres 2 packs on the track equidistant and the jammer has to get through both. well on my turn i couldnt get through my first one 😦 my second turn, i got through one but not the other, cuz burger was in the other. i thought again, “ugh, i dont know what makes me think i could be a jammer….” must erase negative thoughts! if i’m ever to have a hope of accomplishing what i want. i’m getting the positively derby cd in the mail next week, so we’ll see what positive self talk can do. i used to, but got away from it. silly shark legs!
we also did a drill where we sprinted to the other end of the rink, 180ed, sprinted halfway, plough stopped, and sprinted to the end and baseball slid. then we did some sort of calisthenic together before starting it all over. it was definitely tiring due to the jack knifes, and squats, but i felt fine. i even noticed that i was getting to the end first, more than once! that surprised the shit outa me, and of course made me feel proud of myself. i’m so glad my endurance is back. and somehow with eating some crappy food the past 2 weeks, i have managed to maintain my weight.
RDWC starts sunday, and my wellness coach emailed me about some concerns she had about the diet they posted. she thinks if i were to follow it, i would be coming in way below my calorie suggestion levels daily, and it doesn’t include enough protein for a very active person like myself. now mark is a skeptic of the herbalife shakes i’ve been using, and thinks she is just trying to get me to keep buying from her. but i had just put another order in when she brought up these concerns, so i dont agree with him. i mean, if you can’t trust your wellness coach, who can you trust?
but seriously, my plan with the rdwc had already changed from last years go. last year i did not cheat at all, i stuck to the meal plan precicely with no cheats, and ended up losing about 15 lbs, toning muscles, and getting to where i wanted to be endurance-wise. so of course i felt complete success from doing it and would recomend it to anyone who asked.
am i looking to lose another 15 lbs this time around? no, that would make me underweight for my height. i’m looking to tone up and get stronger. and really, everyone is different, they have different nutritional needs. so i had planned on doing my herbalife shakes for breakfast during the work week, and follow the diet – just a little looser. perhaps not giving up all sugars, just refined ones of course. i mean i have to deviate anyway since i am vegetarian now, but they mainly stress that you just follow the guidelines in making better diet choices. so i think i’ll still do that, and just focus on getting enough protein.
so there you have it! now i’ve eaten some sweets today, so i’m off to the gym for a good sweat sesh 🙂