we did real pyramids on the big track for the first time since i’ve been back to practice on thursday. i was really excited, i’ve been waiting for that to kind of gauge my endurance to see if i’m back to the level i was at at the end of the summer. my goal from the jump start the new year challenge was to get back to that point – and it seems i have met that goal 🙂 we did 2-4 and then 4-2 in opposite direction. we were in two groups, fast and faster, i was in fast. i was psyched to see that i did not get all winded and huff and puff by the ends of my laps. i felt really good!
we did some timing drills for knocking the jammer out and turning around, and i learned what long blocking is.
its just basically a hello kitty move where your goal is to slow down ur opponent, not necessarily hit her with force. kinda wrap yourself around her front to push them out. thats gonna take a little more practice for me at least! i kept hip checking.
oh and i got mum to buy me gumballs when i was back there last weekend, along with some green astro nuts, as my nuts are pretty damn old. i was so excited to have gumballs like all the cool kids haha, it seems lots of girls got them for xmas. renee said she likes them but u do have to get used to them since theyre rounded, if ur not used to rounded toe stops, which i’m not. walking on them is easy, and popping up on them was fine, but i did notice i was wobbling when i’d try my running starts during pyramids. that’s kinda skeery cuz what if i just wobbled and toppled right over and snapped my ankle! i’m sure i will get used to them though. overall i love em. mal said she ordered em too.
liberty announced the winners of elections. courtney is staying our treasurer, and burger is new skater rep. we have a league meeting tuesday, which is good cuz we need to have a year start meeting, but i wish i could get skate time in too! x)