last nights practice was, to my dismay, mostly off-skates. i have really been wanting another endurance heavy practice to see where i’m at more. but last night started off all geared up minus skates, no sneakers.
we did a bunch of the exercises from RDW as a group, after sprinting around the track in our socks for a little bit. kinda hurt my tootsies!
by the end of the night, though they felt weird. we spent all night doing sock derby, practicing the things we’ve been working on in just our sock. liberty said if we can do it that way, and understand it, we can do it in our skates. it sure looked silly! after a while though, it didnt feel as goofy. i kept hoping we’d put our skates on though so i could get a good workout. we finally did 10 minutes to 11. boy did my feet feel fat, they were all swollen. normally that part happens after the skates have been on for a while.
by the end of the night i felt like i might be getting blisters, but today i feel fine. sock derby. who knew?