thursday’s practice wasn’t much of a workout, but thats okay. kitty broke down the things we’ve been working on and explained them a lot. i’m glad, because of course i zone out at any given moment when people are talking, so the more often i hear it the more likely i am to grasp it.
it was try out night and one girl came, and freak is back as well. so liberty was down the end with them most of the night. on the small track we did 2-4 pyramids with partner. like me and mj went together, touching the whole time, and stayed inside doing calisthenics while ginger and mal did thier laps. so sorta like partner pyramids but with an actual partner. we did them in normal and opposite directions. being on the inside doing opposite direction sucked. i felt like if i picked up my left foot i’d kick mj, so i just coasted around the corners :/
we did a sort of simon says thing, and then the 2 on 1s, and 3 on 1s where the blockers hit the jammer out and skate backwards to force her to come in behind them. the other blocker makes sure she stays in play, skating backwards within 10 feet of her, or in the 3 on 1, 2 blockers fall back together and one keeps them in play.
i kind of wanted to have an endurance practice again, but oh well. i hope on tuesday we do that backwards skating weave!
tomorrow is the final day of my jump start the new year challenge. i will do my last weigh in, take after pictures, and measurements. i wonder if i have any chance of winning? probably not. i’m sure there are a lot of people competing who had a lot more weight to lose than me, and were on the shakes so they did. i know one dude posted last week that he’d lost 15 lbs already. i’ll be lucky if i did that. my goal on ichange was 10 lbs, and i passed that a little while ago and made a new goal, 5 more lbs. we’ll see. the prize is $200 for most weight loss, and $75 for most lean muscle gained, and lord knows i could use the money!
the roller derby workout challenge starts the 29th. i will miss my granola bars and peanut butter with added sugar! i am looking forward to seeing what this year’s prizes are…