i’d like to list some things i missed about derby practice while i was on leave.

  • finding random bruises
  • pushing myself to skate hard
  • human contact
  • skating backwards
  • walking on my toe stops

and the only 2 things i liked about being away from derby:

  • being able to get 8 hours of sleep on a tuesday or thursday night
  • saving gas money

yeah so i have some bruises on my body and they bring me great joy 🙂

a lot of girls got the gumball toe stops for xmas. i want! my left toe stop is tore up a little from skating outside. i also need new laces, my one is still tied together at the end. come to think of it, my toe covers are stretched out and faded as well. derby santa clause, where were u this year?

i just got transferred to a different school, and work later hours now. i cant say how glad i am to not have to drag my tired ass out of bed at  5am on wednesdays and fridays anymore! so thankful. practice tonight, weeee….