we did the skating backwards weave again on thursday. it is so frustrating! its one of those things that i just want to force myself to do over and over until i get it perfect. grrr. practice will eventually make perfect though. its such an awkward feeling, but so was regular weave when i started doing that i suppose.
we did 3 on 1s where the middle blocker was to fall back and knock the jammer out. i couldn’t get through when i jammed, and kept getting knocked down and out. i totally let it get to me and it made me remember i suck at jamming! i kind of forgot about that since i’ve been gone. so i was standing there beating myself up over it, and of course forgot that i was the middle person and what i was supposed to be doing. i just drifted off into my own thoughts and forgot where i was for a moment. not good! when i snapped back, my mind went blank on the positions for communicating. one, pivot and two. ack! must exercise my mind and get back up to speed.
kitty showed us a drill called the windy city touchdown. cones are set up in a zigzag pattern on the track and you just grapevine in or out towards the next one and touch it and wait for the whistle to go to the next. its a good exercise for your legs i guess. we went backwards and forwards. i had trouble figuring out what way was easier to grapevine though, like left foot in front or right. i liked it though.
i also liked another drill that sarah found online, where you keep your hands on your helmet and make your way across the rink – right knee down, left knee down, right up, left up, jump. and so on all the way across. its supposed to be a great core workout since you cant use your hands to help you get up. i thought it’d be more challenging actually. i hope we do it more!
havina announced she’s leaving, i guess her work schedule is too crazy. that sucks, she was a great addition to the team. her hip checks were phenomenal! i think we are having try outs thursday. i hope we get some new talent this winter!