i am so glad to be back šŸ™‚ and the best part is i feel like i never left! i was so afraid that i’d forget how to skate or lose all my skills in a month. but its just like riding a bike. and i feel like i’m in better shape than when i left, so thats cool. the 2 lap swedish still had me huffin and puffin, but it felt so good to challenge myself again.
since i rotated my wheels, they feel balder. i noticed when i tried doing plough stops, and during swedish. i haaate skidding out around corners, and though that didnt exactly happen, i came pretty close to it. i kind of lost control on the one corner that used to always give me trouble when i first started. man, that feels like eons ago. i used to always fall and get so frustrated! if only i’d known it was because of my crappy wheels.
what i really want to do is send in my poisons to get re-grooved. i have to look it up online and see how much it costs. theyre disgusting from skating outside.
anyway kitty showed us a new weave. its a backwards weave where you face the skaters in the pace line and skate backwards. boy did that feel wierd! i sucked at it, especially trying to get going at first, but at least i wasnt the only one who had trouble. i hope we do it more so we get more comfortable to work up to face to face blocking.
i had eaten a lot of extra calories during the day to account for burning so many skating, its a sizeable leap from my normal workouts, and i didnt want to short change myself too much. but then liberty announced that there was going to be a league meeting, but dress to skate as well. luckily the meeting only lasted an hour so i got an hour of skate time in.
oh, also i was scared about only getting 4ish hrs of sleep after practice and feeling exhausted at work today. so yesterday i tried to lay down for a 20 minute nap. everything i read says naps can be a very healthy pick me up if you take a 20 minute one in the afternoon. i set my alarm, had mark call me, but alas i snoozed and slept for an hour. i am telling myself that it is not a total failure – compared to the naps i used to take (after inducing a food coma from stress eating a hot fudge sundae daily), one hour is not that big of a deal. what i was most wary of was that it may start a cycle. like i’d be tired after work today, and then have to nap again, and so on an so forth. basically, how it went before. but i was pleasantly surprised to realize as i left work today that i never crashed!
i kept the pma high and did not let myself get too comfy on the couch watching post lunch frasier, and jumped right into a workout. so it is now 7:59pm and i expect to be crashing soon. going to bed so early means less time to spend with my boyfriend, but its the price i pay to stay on a “normal” sleeping schedule.
also of note is how wired i was after practice last night. more wired than i think i’ve ever been! it didnt help that mark had passed out on the couch with a headache and i had to actually blow dry my hair after showering to take cujo out since he’d already peed inside once and it was fucking frigid outside. i had a delicious shake – cookies and cream with peanut butter and banana blended in – as a post workout snack, used lavendar dr bronners to calm, and tried my damndest to meditate …but my body wasnt having it, i was wide awake. i probably only got four and half hours tops. oh well. i need to look up some methods to wind down and fall asleep quickly.
all in all, i am so psyched to be back ā¤ derby love ftw!