well i guess today is the last day of 2011, so it calls for some reflection on the past year. since it was my first full year being on the team, and the year i first got to skate in a bout, of course 2011 was an amazing experience. it was really rewarding seeing my hard work pay off in my skating. it’s gotten better and better getting to know my team mates, and though i don’t particularly like road trips, the derby trips i’ve made have all taught me something, about derby, or about myself.
i don’t even really want to say my roller derby new years resolution. i feel it is something that will come in time weather i type it out in black and white or not. but i would really like to work towards a goal of becoming a jammer. i know that i am not a quick study or a natural athlete, i have more of a learning curve than most girls, but i’ve learned this year that that’s okay. everyone progresses at their own speed and pace. it is still hard for me not to compare myself to others, but my main derby themed resolution is to appreciate my process for what it is – mine. and to just keep working towards my goal. one skate in front of the other. happy new year from this radical!