i am doing very well on my challenge. i lost over 6 lbs in the first week! i think it is actually cheaper to do the derbalife shake meals than pay for actual groceries, so i think i’m gonna order for another month. this time i want to try the wild berry and cookies n cream flavors! chocolate’s delish but gets boring, and i’m not always in the mood for pumpkin spice. but it is getting me in the mood for holidays – it tastes like eggnog 🙂
ive been exercising every day trying to get back in shape. i can feel my muscles starting to reform. i can’t wait until i’m back to how i was at the end of the summer. when we went on vacation, i didnt realize it but that was the best shape ive been in probably!
i havent seen anything about it, but apparently theyre doing the roller derby workout challenge again this year and it starts same date as last. some team mates want to do it together for moral support, so pussycat made a radical rdwc group page! some of them are putting money in to see who loses the most weight. i can’t wait to see the workouts they post this time, i wonder if theyre different than last year.