practice last night was pretty low key. i kind of expected like 6 girls to show up since it was our first off season practice, but there were just enough to scrimmage, plus a new girl!
liberty had a death in the family, so burger ran practice. we started with 2 lap swedish, and backwards hopping weave and hand holding weave. swedish sucked, yuck. i love the hand holding weave though. every time we do it, i feel like i can get lower and lower. then we did 3 to 5 pyramids on the small track like kitty had us do them last week – one knee falls on the jammer line, and 2 knee falls on the pivot line. ugh. i just cant get up seamlessly from a 2 knee fall. they always slow me down infinitely, and i always have to use my hands to get back up. needless to say, i didnt get up much speed. in between turns, we did stepping in the middle, that tired my legs out.
we did 4 on 2s for a while, focusing on slowing the jammer down. and then we scrimmaged. with so few girls there i felt bad that the same girls were jamming over and over. i jammed once, and i didnt get up to my scoring pass before betty called it off. i breathed a sigh of relief! when i’m skating around to lap the pack, i just dread coming back up to it again. i truly feel bad for jammers.
we played handball for a while and then stretched down, and discussed the holiday party. i can’t wait for secret santa! also, at the meeting, diva’s pa vs nj bout was brought up because she needed more skaters for it. burger liberty and mj are doing it, and i thought about it, but a bunch of other girls said they were interested before i got a chance. so i thought all the spots were taken, plus i reminded myself that i hate away bouts and its not close… but last night jen said they do need more girls so me and sarah volunteered. jen picked names from a hat and i’m doing it! not just an alternate, i’m skating in the bout. looks like my season isnt over after all!