at thursday’s practice after doing numerous back to back direction changing 30 second sprints and not feeling like i had my “all” to put into it, we scrimmaged for most of practice. and i finally felt like i pulled my head out of my ass!!
kitty was there again, losing her voice, but nonetheless giving us tips and direction. always have a plan. after one particular jam, i felt like i actually did well and worked with my team. something i feel like i used to do but was fleeting.
as the days passed until the bout, i actually was looking forward to it and getting excited, hoping to hold onto that connected feeling for a little longer!
kitty was going to bench coach us and me, jen, mj and havina were riding down with her, but she got really sick and couldnt come so we went in jens car. we met up at the walmart in pittston and luckily the subway was open inside because i needed to get something for lunch later so i wouldnt be eating snack bar junk for bout day nourishment. i picked up some bananas and yogurt even though i’m morally opposed to supporting walmart and havent shopped there in years. the coconut water i like to drink at practice was much cheaper there! but i didnt give in and stock up. its vita coco by the way, all the other coconut waters on the market have added sugars. i walked out of walmart as zac was coming in for hairspray – he looked like a crazy man, his boufant mohawk thingy was all wild and frizzy lol. bane ana met us there as well and drove with tanya. we had pitched in for a gas money collection to give him for mascot-ting for us, but he didnt want it!
the drive down wasnt bad at all. i was in the back with a very sick havina and hoped i wouldnt catch anything! just when i thought i was going to burst i had to pee so bad, jen announced that we made really good time and were just about there!
we all carried our stuff in and signed the waivers. ali met us there with cassidy who was sick. everyones sick this time of year, it sucks!
then it was just a lot of waiting. we got there at 11, and the first bout didnt start until 12:30. we had to be ready to take the track during that first games half time so we geared up and watched pottstown get creamed by state college. state college’s colors were this neat teal and black, i liked it. they beat pottstown (my place of birth!) by 200 points.
lehigh’s floor was good, i couldnt complain about it at all. it was super sticky the last time i was there, for the scrimmage with them and skyland earlier this year. i liked it a lot, i remember practicing hops and feeling much better at them than in the past probably partially because of the stickiness of that floor. it wasnt as sticky this time but it wasnt slippery. they had matresses covered wtih galactic rink carpetting duct taped to the walls coming out of 2 turns, haha. the wall is pretty close to the track on the one side especially.
we had to warm up on the track at the same time as lehigh svu so we didnt get to do our usual routine. all the better though, less for me to get all nervesy about. i was looking around for mark though, he was supposed to be there by then but i didnt see him anywhere.
jen said she had 4 power line ups for the first few jams and we’d see how they worked and go from there. i was in the second line up πŸ™‚ after that, i got put in prettymuch every other during the first half, sometimes i stayed out there for 2 in a rows. we were up from the beginning but it was very close the whole time. svu took the lead by one point at the half. i was feeling pretty damn good- we were working as a team, and i made a pretty awesome wall with pussycat and liberty at one point. at half time i changed my sock because i stupidly wore socks that i’ve never skated in before so i didnt know if they would rub me the wrong way. turns out the right one was and i could feel a blister in my near future. luckily i had thicker socks that were tried and true in my duffel bag. had to cut the end of my fishnet off to change it, but oh well!
oh and her first time put in jamming, big city got hurt right away. her ankle. she was crying and the emt’s took her out, it was just heart breaking! she refused medical attention though so i guess she was alright. i was afraid it was broken. its a shame that her boyfriend was seeing her play for the first time and she got hurt so early on :/
the banana prettymuch stayed by our bench most of the time because we didnt have any time outs yet. it was nice having an extra cheerleader on the sidelines, and i liked when he would jump up and down really high and wave his pom poms πŸ™‚
the score was still very close but back and forth during the second half, and i didnt feel totally in touch every time i went in, but i was still feeling good about the score. i had this great feeling that we were gonna win, but i felt like even if we didnt, it’d be a close game and that would be good enough for me. going into it, i thought lehigh was going to destroy us personally! also, for the second half there, they dont switch benches for the teams they just move the pivot and jammer lines from one side of the track to the other.
i didnt get put in as much during the second half, and i only got put in as b2 once – that was enough, i kinda blew it. b1 was obvs my place to shine. the last jam started with slick in the box and when the state college jammer got right through, i thought oh this is it, we’re gonna lose. but slick went back in, and the other jammer got called on a major track cut!! on the sidelines we were all on the edge of our seats, not that we were sitting down. we were all wringing our hands and screaming and going crazy! i looked over at jen and she had this look or torment on her face and her hands clenched at one point lol. it was totally nerve wracking as the period clock ran out. the official score was 121 to 136. wow, what a great feeling. it rivaled the watertown win from my first bout earlier this season. so amazing! i never feel more like a part of a team than the post win hug. especially this time, i realized when its so close like that, every point really counts, and i know at one time i held the jammer back as the whistle was blown for that jam. my brain finally put together that theres one point i kept the other team from getting! pretty cool.
mark had come in right after big city got hurt, he’d had car troubles on the drive. when we won, he came right over and hugged me and kissed me ❀ it was really really nice to have him there for me like that.
i must have been hit and turned the wrong way when i fell or something because my right side of my back had an awful cramp or something, and my foot was quite sore. i really should have taken off my skate for a little and stretched my foot during the hour we had until the next bout, but i didnt. i talked with mark and ate a banana, nutrigrain bar, and some pistachios.
we got back on the track at 20 til to warm up again. everyone was in really good spirits, and it felt really casual. i would walk 500 miles came on, and we all sort of packed up and started stepping to the beat, and singing along. we even raised our hands in the air back and forth like a synchronized dance! haha it ruled. i’m smiling ear to ear just thinking about it! kitty showed up just as we were starting the game. we were told to just positionally block, because these girls were new to hitting, and we didnt want to hit them and them go flying all over. after the first jam though jen said scratch that- hit! haha good, cuz thier one jammer with a star painted on her eye could definitely take it. every time i tried to hit her as she went past me, she hit right back – hard – and just kept going! grrr.
even though they were leading by a few points, i still felt confident that we could do this. and confidence is key!
i got tripped, and took a spill and some girls fell on top of me and my glasses fell almost all off but got pushed into my face at the same time. i was glad they werent broken but they had a big smudge spot on them for when i got up and had to skate to the penalty box for major low block, gah! i hauled ass there and unfortunately didnt slow down enough before i slid in on my knee right into 2 chairs and took them out! the timers were pissed they kind of just yelled sit there! whoops. it happens. i was in the p box twice in the second bout, but had not even a minor in the first game. another great fall was one where i fell and rolled like a barrel haha. oh but i’ve also got a good hit that my team mates loved πŸ™‚ the jammer was coming up out of the pack on the out and i raced over and hit her real hard. i fell down, but hey i still hit her out and slowed her down. my team mates said it was an awesome hit πŸ™‚
in the second game you could see mj was really tired. i mean we all were i guess, but man i feel bad for the jammers. maybe thats what kitty had in mind when she kept stressing to us to slow down, wall up and step. we were doing just such during one jam, and this guy in the audience, he might have been with one of the teams i dunno, yelled to us, “play the game!!!” and he like looked right at me. i wanted to say back to him “its called strategy!” mark told me some other guy in the audience said something along the same lines and this girl who i think plays on lehigh turned around and told him to shut up, its called game strategy haha…
anyway, i’ve been writing this post for a while now and to make a long story short, i didnt get put in as much as earlier, which was fine by me because my fucking foot was KILLING me by then, along with my back. i mean i couldnt really feel the pain every time i went in to play, but skating off the track it’d hit me again and again. i had to sit down on the bench that no one was using to give my tootsie a break.
we were up by 20ish points, but kitty kept yelling at us to reset faster, and slow slow sloooowww, the one power jam should have been a 25 point jam. i was wondering what she was so angry about, we were up. but its always anyones game and the game can turn around in a second. in the end though, we won 159 to 128 :0) another awesome post win hug. aaron was announcing the last 2 bouts, and he kept calling it a championship. i dont know if thats the right word for what that was, i mean it was a one day tournament i dunno. but when they played “we are the champions” i seriously have never felt so proud in my life. everyone lined up around the track as we did our victory lap and slapped thier hands. it was really really awesome. it felt like every second of sweat, discomfort and hard work this whole season was worth it. WE WON A GOD DAMN TOURNAMENT!!! i really love my team, i really do. ❀ i kind of feel some tears coming on as i write this! i wish i could bottle that feeling and keep it for days when i have an off practice for a pick me up. or i’ll just come back to this post and read it, and remember it all.