evol kitty was at our practice again thursday. she skated with the area teams in the past, and lives around here but skates on dutchland now. i cant imagine driving so far for practice! if i had to… i wouldnt. i just dont have the money for that kind of gas :/ so lets hope it doesnt ever come to that! kitty is going to be bench coaching us with jen at the tournament. she said if we work together and keep up good communicating, we should have no problem. that makes me feel a little more positive!
we did that build a bitch drill again with one minute sprints. it was easier this time. why are things always hardest the first time? at the end of practice, kitty had us stretch down in a circle and all say something good and some constructive criticism about the person to our right. rennee had me and said i’m good at getting low, but i fall a lot. kitty said it could be my core, so work on that during planks. i was thinking, but my core IS strong! or at least i think… later jen told me i’m doing the boob thing again. blasted breasticles!! they throw off my balance. i felt like i wasnt falling as much especially jamming there for a while but its back 😦 its so frustrating. so tuesday i will be working on staying up when i get hit.
we had just enough girls at practice to scrimmage with. that always stinks. i didnt want to jam, but rennee was doing it a bunch and she kept sniffling cuz shes sick, so i volunteered to go once just to give her a break. it wasnt my worst work i suppose.
ginger had a halloween party this weekend. and even though it was snowing, all the way in scranton, and i was afraid the place would be smokey, i wanted to wear my costume so i braved the elements! i made my taco dip, and took my time on the highway, followed my directions and found the place! yay πŸ™‚ it was fun, everyones costumes were neat. i love doing fun things with my team. now more than ever, its become clear to me that the better you know a person, the easier it will be to skate with them on the track.