i have been warding off a slight cold all week. just a little annoying headachey/sore throat deal. monday i felt crappy so i hit up the emergenC all day and tuesday i felt fine. then today i woke up feeling it again so i did the same today. it’s only a minor inconvenience, but i really havent gotten sick this year except once so i’m not used to it. i’m sure my immune system is down from eating like crud. a lot of girls on the team have been fighting colds/flu. i didnt feel like doing anything at practice tuesday night. kinda feeling that way for tonight too…
we did a one minute sprint/pushups and situps drill tuesday at practice and yuck. one minute sure is a lot harder than when we do the 30 second sprints. i prefer 30 seconds.
i am still working out 6 days a week,but i dont feel very into it lately. same with… *gasp* – derby. you know how i got bitten by the derby bug a while back? well now i feel like i’ve been un-bitten. it may just be the changing of the seasons, and my body wants to pack on some extra padding and get ready for the hibernation long haul, seasonal depresh, etc. lord knows thats how it was for me last fall. question is, is that really bad? it seems like the natural progression of things. i can tell i’m not 100% right now cuz i had no appetite today, and am happy to report that i ate ZERO cookies at work. so far my record is .5 cookie!
sunday i was back at my parents for mark to look at thier car, and asked mum if she had $75 to spare… she said yes she’d pay for my new 187s! i ordered them online from five stride and they came today šŸ™‚ finally a package thats actually for me. my upstairs neighbor always gets boxes from amazon cuz she gets free shipping from them, and the mailman puts them on my stoop quite frequently :/ OH A GIFT FOR M- ohhh thats not for me, wop waaa…
last weekend jen and wifey and i went to the dutchland double header. we made good time and stopped for pizza in neffsville, and then thank goodness we got in for free! i didnt have enough moola to pay the $12 entrance fee. diva greeted us on our way in, and i was astonished to see that dutchland is sponsored by angry young and poor. jealous!! to be sponsored at all would be amazing, but by a place i actually think is really cool and want to patronize? wow. they also had a mascot, a skater who was dressed up as thier logo – an amish woman with war paint under one eye šŸ™‚ she ran around with a flag and a little boy dressed as an amish boy in an adorable vest with thier logo on it! they danced and he was tearing it up, so adorbz.
i was dissapointed that there was no 50/50 raffle, but it was still a good time. jen was taking notes furiously, and i tried to help while we watched the lehigh special vixens unit vs dutchland blitz game. mostly though i just took notes on jammers who werent going to be on the roster when we play lehigh svu. whoops! i could only pay attention to take notes the first half though. then the second game i was in and out. slugger’s friend punk sue was awesome though! she jammed a ton. she might get to come practice with us over xmas break, i hope so.
long island’s rabbit will be skating with us at the tournament we just found out. hopefully we can make up the rest of roster and dont have to skate short! especially since we are playing in the second bout, which the winner will be playing again 30 minutes later. we also just found out we need our green jerseys for that possible second bout. dang it!