we did more of our edgework drils last night. just like the tomahawk focus we did, this is one of those things that i think i’m pretty good at until we do it over and over. damn these rude awakenings! doing the grapevines across the track trying not to roll sucked more than tuesday. burger and liberty said to do it as slow as you had to, but i kept rolling, so i was just like fuck it, if i’m gonna roll, why dont i just do it fast and roll. aghh. i wanted to scream out, WE’RE ON WHEELS WE’RE GONNA ROLL! haha.
then the worst thing! we had to step backwards and try not to roll. fuck. i tried turning my toes inward a little, but when i went backwards i looked and sounded like frankenstein and tara and burger were laughing at me! i was frustrated. but burger goes “hey, shes not rolling…!” and that made me feel better. i wish i could watch myself to see if i’m rolling, because you’re not supposed to look down at your feet.
we’ve also been doing this “one, two” thing, just saying it out loud when we step around an obstacle. at first this seemed kind of silly because, i dunno, that just comes natural? stepping around something? but last night we had to skate and adjust speed to dodge huge fuzzy dice, a trash can and then jen tara and becks! fun. they were terrified.hehe.
other than that, just during scrimmage lately i feel like i’ve totally lost any focus or understanding of what to do in a pack setting or how to play fucking derby alltogether :/ i dunno whats wrong with me. maybe cuz i’m eating like crap its taking its toll on my mental focus as well…