we did lots of new drills at practice last night. the main thing liberty and burger brought back from the gotham girls jamming bootcamp was using the “edge.” no, not my personal superpower, straight edge, but pushing your weight onto the inner 2 wheels of each of your skates. it will give you more stability, supposedly. we practiced stepping laterally across the track trying not to roll at all and when we got to the end, align your nose over knees over toes. i did roll a little, but not a lot so that was good. that shit made me sweat! trying to stay steady is a workout i guess.

we did one leg glides and lots of slaloming and cutting in and out. i remember when cutting in and out was like impossible for me to do. i think my legs just werent strong enough to get low and hold myself up to cut in and out. then i just started practicing it while warming up at the beginning of practices and i got better at it. i still do it while warming up a lot to stretch my legs out, but in a pack situation i rarely do it as well as those times :/ i forget so much about playing derby, while actually playing derby.

anyway, liberty also had us all stan around in a circle and do the thing where you jump and turn in the air so that you land facing the other direction. we didnt try them skating yet, just stationery. i was afraid to try it, but it’s actually not hard! as long as youre down and not standing up straight. i could even do them on my non dominant side. i wonder if we’ll try them while skating tomoro at practice? exciting!

in other news, i signed up for my first boot camp! its hosted by boardwalk brawlers in nj, and shenita stretcher from philly rollergirls (and on team usa) is teaching it. and its only $25 for 5 hours! awesome 🙂 i’m not sure right now if mark and i will be going together and getting a hotel to stay over, or if i’ll just carpool with fellow radicals who are going, but its during the thanksgiving vacation so i wont have work the next day. that thanksgiving vakay is gonna rule, i’ll be seeing reel big fish too!

the info page says you are required to refuel with healthy snacks which will be provided. i wonder what they will be, and if it will be enough to keep me going for 5 hours? i wonder how many skaters will be there. this is exciting and kind of scary. i hope i get enough out of it to justify the admission price and gas cost and all that. i’m sure i will! fun fun.

i have to remember to practice the edge thing while at home to get used to it, as liberty said it will make us more comfortable in our skates ultimately.