after the league meeting we had tuesday, i felt better about our loss to long island. liberty said that they’ve been doing the whole slerby thing for a year. we just started learning it a month ago! and our sister team, jdb only scored 17 points on them when they played them, so the fact that we scored 91 is pretty impressive. also, long island is undefeated this whole season. she said we should be proud of ourselves. so i am!
thursday at practice we did partner hopping weave and then 2 lap partner swedish. do not like that partner swedish! you’re not supposed to look down at your feet, but its impossible not to – i want to make sure i’m not gonna kick my partner! big city was my partner and we both got the crazy legs so it wasnt pretty haha.
it was try outs night and we actually had multiple girls there! last time no one came :/ unfortunately, one of tanya’s friends hit her head i guess and was hurt. i hope she’s alright! and still wants to join!
burger and liberty put down a ladder with tape and we all took turns doing hops over each line. they were close together so it was harder than it looked. and on one foot? really hard! then we did bouncy blockers which is the name for the drill when we have a 4 man wall just stepping to hold back the jammer who has to plough stop when she comes up on them so as to not get a back block. i jammed and got through once, thank goodness. those things are impossible for me and i was getting reallly discouraged but i finally got through.
then we scrimmaged and pussycat was picking line ups and i had to jam. ugh. i think i’ve finally decided to quit jamming for good. i never get lead jammer and i just get lapped again and again by the other jammer cuz i just cant get through the pack. i feel like at this point, ive been trying to jam for a while, i gave it a shot, i didnt get any better, i’m done. i told ali. she was like come on shark… and i just burst out I’M DONE! i try to push my way through and i just cant get through walls, so i just want to give up. its obvious that what i’m doing isnt working so i’m just like fuck this… i’ll just put all my energies into becoming the best blocker i can be. the other night i was just really out of it though, letting the jammer fly right by me and just feeling really disconnected and confused. i hate when i cant focus. my case of vita coco is dwindling, and thats supposed to help with mental focus. i’ll have to bug mum to buy me another case!

also, we had our quarterly wftda written test. i prettymuch kept forgetting to study or putting it off and pretending to forget, but then actually forgetting. i took the practice test from the website and got 4 wrong. it was wierd taking that practice test again, questions that used to confuse the hell out of me are just like common knowledge now. but then there were ones that totally slipped my mind. i crammed the ref signal flashcards and some notes 5 minutes before i had to leave to meet up for carpool – and i passed the test! i got 4 wrong though :/ i hope we go over them!