well saturday we lost 89 to 268. it sucks, because i had a good feeling going into it :/ i was so psyched to watch the mens bout! the drive down with smash and ali didnt take as long as i’d expected, and we talked and laughed a lot of the way. sure we almost got into numerous accidents, but i was in the back seat so as to try and not freak out, so i didnt get too scared.
i arrived at the venue in good spirits šŸ™‚ this was a double header with a merby bout first! the first roller derby dude i saw skate past me was SO TALL. i was like wow, i didnt realize theyd be so big, but i guess men are generally taller than women plus add skates to that. later after seeing more merby players though i realized that one dude was just way tall, more of a giant haha. the blue team seemed manlier, and the red team seemed thinner and effeminate. they were wearing jeggings, tights and booty shorts and i was loving it! i’d be lying if i said i didn’t ogle the crap out of them the whole time! it was exciting šŸ˜‰
i was supposed to do the merch table during the mens bout second half, but everything got a late start waiting for emt’s to show up, so it coincided with our warm up time. this place had 2 rinks! it was sport court which is tiles. they normally have roller hockey there i guess.
it wasnt empty by any means during the mens bout, but when we played it seemed really packed! they sold beer there so that probably has a lot to do with it. i only got to watch about a quarter of the mens game, but wow. there were 2 girls who were either with some of the players or just friends with them, and they were loud. everyone was loud! it was uproarious. as soon as they lined up for the first jam in front of the jammer line everyone had something to say, or rather, yell out. it was really fun! those guys were so rowdy, and agile. the hits were big and it was just really crazy and exciting. i enjoyed my first man derby experience. i did notice that the jammers would call off a jam a lot if they couldnt get through right away. me and mj were like, theyre not even trying?
warming up on an entirely different rink with no one watching took out all the nerves of bouting. plough stopping was hard at first but i got used to the floor pretty quick. i liked it actually. it wasnt slippery. the tiles would bulge up at parts like there were bumps in the track though which would kinda suprise me when i went over them. i felt like i was better at tomahawking on this floor somehow! smash concurred so maybe i’m not crazy.
after we warmed up we still had to wait for the second half of the mens bout to start. when i’d been watching them i thought about getting something to eat. the snack bar had a ciabatta roll with egg sausage and cheese, so i thought about getting it without the sausage if they could do that, other than that there was nothing substantial i could eat… i should have gone for it, i didnt know when we’d be warming up though and i didnt wanna eat too close to skating!
i was pretty dissapointed that we ended up at wendys for lunch. i had been praying for a subway but expecting a diner, and hoping that said diner would have a veggie burger of some sort for me. i really had no idea what i was gonna do for food when we pulled up to that wendys, but thankfully i spotted a subway across the shopping center! i was psyched and gonna just run over to it but actually mj, ali and smash drove over with me. we took it back to sneak it into wendys to eat haha. i found a huge chunk of delicious broc in my broccoli cheese soup, happy day šŸ™‚

but anyway, yeah i played that bout with no dinner! i think most of us did! it was so late, later than im used to playing a game, so normally i just have breakfast, then lunch and maybe a snack and then play and then eat dinner. i had a yogurt with granola, some peanutes, prunes and a fruit bar and just tried to fill up on water :/

there was not one jam saturday where we lined up normally on the pivot line! one jam i was in actually took forever to start, i really thought it’d turn into a “jam that wasnt.” burger and LI’s jammer were having a dance contest behind us! crazy. there was no face to face blocking, but there was a lot of the one knee start strategies. after it got started, it was just regular derby like i’m used to though. during the one jam, the pack was going soo fast! i could not keep up. LI was speeding up and i dont know why we didnt just take the outside and skate normal speed so that the pack would be split and they’d be at fault for it, but that didnt happen. we just kept chasing them :/ i got 2 majors, one for destruction of the pack and one for… shit i forget. but yeah that was my first one for destroying the pack.

i didnt get put in much, especially during the second half. i felt like i was just an audience member watching a bout. the skaters who jammed were rabbit, meggo, burger, slick, rennee and big city. rennee told jen she didnt feel comfortable jamming anymore though for that game so jen didnt put her in anymore. meggo is an amazing jammer! and rabbit was so nice. i’m glad they were there to help us out, jt was nice.

probably half way thru the first half, i looked up at the score board and i was like what! oh fuck… we were down 100 already. my main problem through out the game was i’d get hit out and then trapped behind thier 4 man wall and i could not get through. i tried over and over, it was awful. a lot of girls were having that problem. they were good. theyre undefeated all season! at the end of the first half i just felt like okayyy i’m ready to go home, this is no fun.

the reffing seemed extremely one sided. they’d call no pack and only look at us up front still blocking thier jammer, but not at them in the back still blocking our jammer. that happened a lot. liberty got 4 majors in the first half and then she got ejected near the end of the bout šŸ˜¦ she was really upset with the reffing, which never happens. jen was getting really pissed, screaming at the head ref. at one point i just put my helmet in my hands, afraid to keep looking hahah…

after it was over, smash and ali and i left and i fell asleep in the car. so the drive didnt feel long at all! i got home around 3:15 am. so yesterday i just slept a lot to catch up.

at practice on thursday, i bellyflopped real hard on the floor and hit my elbow really hard on the floor. my pad didnt slip or anything but it immediately started to throb and burn, bruise and swell up! i didnt wanna bring attention to myself and get ice though. i was thinking how can i make my elbow pads more cushy so this stops happening, and it hit me – same as knee pads, get some gaskets. if they make gaskets with the gelly part like my knee gaskets. which by the way have deteriorated so quickly they now look like i’ve had them for 2 years not 2 months!

i was having a hard time bending my arm, but then i jammed at the end of the night and fell on that elbow again so after that i went for the ice. i iced the next day and by saturday it was just a normal bruise. i was afraid it’d be swollen and painful going into the bout, but i got lucky.

our past few bouts have me discouraged, i don’t even want to do the tournament next month. i’d like to close the book of this season and just forget about it :/ we’re losing yet another great player, smash is moving to kansas for 4 years in january! šŸ˜¦ i’ll miss her, and so will our roster! hopefully by next season we have lots of new talent and permanent players who don’t leave, and we’ll rock all our games!

here are some pictures from the bout. i emailed them to mum cuz i want her to see me succesfully holding the jammer back! photo credits to luna obscura.

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