we did 2 to 4 pyramids last night on the big track. those 4 laps really had me huffin and puffin, and regretting all those fucking cookies ive been horfing lately. i eat healthy when i’m home, if only i could be home all the time where there are no delicious smelling fresh baked temptations around… must work on this addiction. i’ve already contemplated leaving this job because of the abounding goodies! i need to stay though, i’m going to be getting health insurance finally X) mark was helping me look at the options in the packet i got in the mail, and the one i’m choosing gives free ambulance ride if i get hurt at derby and have to go to the hospital! woot!
we did the scrimmaging again with one team getting scenarios. i jammed twice, i felt like i was better at dodging last minute hits when making it through the pack, yay! but the second time i jammed, i got hit pretty hard in the face with i dont even know what, a shoulder, a helmet…? it pushed my glasses flat against my eye though, a first for me. it hurt and i wasnt sure if it had broken my glasses and they’d cut into my face like burger warned me of :/ it was really hard to keep jamming after that! i was wondering if anyone would tell me if i was skating with broken glasses while bleeding from the face… i def finished that one half-heartedly.
i should have iced it last night but i just did my knees and passed out. i noticed at work today my brow bone was tender and has a teeny tiny bruise on it. as the day has gone on, it feels like its swelling and i’m definitely feeling it more, but it doesnt look like anything hardly. if i’m gonna be hurtin’ i at least want a badass shiner to show off!
i guess after 16 months of skating with glasses, one good hit to the eye isnt bad. with my new insurance i will have a vision plan, so i’m going to look into the prescription goggles thing. i wonder if they are softer around the edges so as to not cut into your face if you get smashed? i never gave skating with specs a thought before until burger and liberty mentioned they wont do it for fear of breakage/facial injury. now i cant stop thinking about an article i read about rose mcgowan being in a car accident where her glasses cut into her face and then she lost a role because they said she was unrecognizable!

anyway, they announced roster after practice last night. sarah made it, thats awesome! i know she has a lot of family and friends in long island so that rules that they’ll get to see her skate. a bummer though is that roster only has 12 of our radicals, and we are having 2 guest skaters. its awesome that theyre helping us for sure, outbreak meggo and freakin rabbit from boardwalk brawlers, but it’d be nice to have our roster made up of just our own team members. we’ve practiced together, we know how everyone skates. i’m not a fan of the idea of throwing 2 strangers into the mix. i guess it could be a testament to how good of players we are though, adapting to work with those 2 players. we’ll see how it goes. the team has had to borrow skaters in the past, i’ve just never done it yet. but since the board didnt feel we had enough talent to round out our roster for this particular game, we owe boardwalk brawlers one, thats for sure. thats cool theyre sending us help.
also, can i just go off on a rant here? i kind of hate away games. especially the farther away they are. like this weekend. we have to leave at 11am to beat the traffic. so that means i can only eat my power breakfast at home. i have to eat on the road for pre-bout lunch AND dinner! that sucks. not just nutritionally, but money-wise as well, on top of gas money! i am broke.
plus being in the car for extended periods of time, just the sitting can fuck with my back. going into a bout all cramped up is no good. then theres the standard complaint: the floor. there’s a certain confidence you have going into a home game, because its your turf. its the floor skate on 4 hours a week already, you know it. i guess i just pine for the day when derby is big enough in our area that roller radicals could have an a team, b team, recreational league, and a travel team! …that i will surely not be on. i hate road trips, thats all there is to it. also, on another note, i would love it if we had a junior league here. that’d be so much fun to help with! i wish i’d had roller derby growing up, its such a confidence builder and the skaters are true positive role models.