last night we did more tomohawks, ughhh. we did them as a pack. yuck!… i think my 180s are definitely worse than they were before we started focusing on tomohawks so much. 😦 the more we do them, the harder it gets for me, and the more it gets under my skin. sarah feels the same way. its like a monster that keeps growing and growing, soon i will be totally debilitated and no longer be able to do them at all!! ahh :/ i was perfectly happy with my ability until we did so much work with them and i realized i wasnt exactly doing it right. ignorance is bliss i suppose! the worst is sprinting and having to tomahawk periodically. i have to plough to almost a complete stop first. smashy also says she has to t stop before doing it too though, and i know betty has trouble with tomohawks fast, so at least i’m not alone.
anyway, broke up into black and white teams and scrimmaged bout style, with penalty calls and box timers. also, each team would get a scenario to do for each jam, but it would only be told to that team. so it was actually competitive, like we were really playing an opponent! i’m glad we did that, we talked about it at the last meeting. it forced us to adapt to new situations as they arose, and jen was giving line ups so we also go to do dif positions than we were used to. like i got put in as b3 multiple times. at first my communication was good but then i forgot to yell where the jammer was.
also, we planned on fanny packing one time, and once the craziness of the jam actually started, i totally forgot. its like all my thoughts went flying out my ear. but then i remembered, and we executed that fanny pack really nicely! that was cool.
i also jammed once, against slick. she got lead, but i think that was the most times ive made it through the pack! at least while burger was in there on the opposing team as me. the whole time i was just thinking “pant pant pant… so hard… must never jam again… why did i sign up for this?… is this almost over?…” i got really winded after a little bit, but it wasnt the hardest time i’ve had getting through a pack. not the easiest either, so i was proud of myself after it was over when i realized i was going to live. jammers, i dont know how they do it. god bless ’em.
before playing a quick game of red light green light at the end of the night, we all said something positive about the night. we were all in agreement that we really worked as teams, not just individuals out there on a track together. it also rules that we started learning *slow derby* all but 2 weeks ago, and liberty said we’re not just doing it, but we’re understanding why we’re doing it.
go radicals! ❤ “once you go white, you know you’ve done right!”