i’ve been eating like crap so i fully expected to feel awful at practice tuesday. luckily, twas not the case. the only endurance we did was 30 second sprint/skills warm up though.
wifey didnt skate cuz her knee’s been acting up 😦 the doctor says she has arthritis. that sucks! i hope her new medication for it makes it go awaly. she was doing so well! maybe she just pushed it too much too fast… burgers finally back on skates though so thats good.
we started with what liberty told us was probably the hardest drill we’ve ever done. face to face blocking, while skating in a pace line on the small track. it’s one of those things that you think, okay no problem, just skate backwards through and hit (or at least make contact with) everyone. but when it came to my turn, it was a wake up call. damn that shits hard! because its not like normal hitting at all, doing it while skating backwards changes where you need your center of balance to be. it sucked haha. oh and before that, we did a leaning out drill through the line and i kept fucking that up. my timing sucks and it was frustrating. *sigh* when will my timing come along?
then we did the same 4 on 1’s we have been doing, where the blockers just step their feet in front of the jammer. when i tried jamming i got through once! better than last time ha. then we did actual scrimmaging with the knee starts etc. when i jammed then, i had a really hard time getting through the pack, burger lapped me like 5 times, i dont think i ever got through. once the pack was actually moving, it felt really odd. like we havent done it that way in a while i kind of got confused. watch us practice all this slow derby, and then long island just play regular like we were used to!

oh and if anyone thinks slow derby is easier than regular, you should have seen how soaked my shirt was with sweat. i fell and slid at one point and melissa had to wipe this long streak of sweat off the track! haha, yup, the stepping shit makes you sweat just as much if not more than if you were doing pyramids! who knew.