on tuesday we discussed strategies we saw in regionals, including the one knee start right in front of the jammer line that was so prevalent over the weekend. apparently our bout against long island is going to be slow derby like that. yikes. there’s going to be lots of tomahawk stopping, and even *gasp* face to face blocking! daunting stuff. libertys got lots of drills we’re going to be doing over and over though to get us prepared. i’m scurred… things are so hard for me to understand in derby already and theyre not even hardly strategy stuffs. i’m afraid i’ll be the slow one, confused most of the game, and messing our plays up.

thursday we did the same rat stuck in back/tomahawk drill again. i just felt like ughhhh this is so stupid, i’m not getting anything out of this, why do we keep doing it… then we did 4 on 1’s again and all took a turn trying to jam while the blockers just stepped, staying in the same spot. thats hard to get through! liberty was pretty good at it the other night, i think she should jam a lot during the LI bout, if its stationary packs like that.

we had enough girls to actually scrimmage, and i definitely felt like i was understanding the one knee strategies a little better. hopefully things will continue to click leading up to our october 8th bout!

we had started the night off with a sprinting drill though, and i noticed my shins were cramping up really really bad! like they felt like they just got hard, tensed up and became cement. getting going again was super hard each time. i realized later that theyve been sore from all the stepping, and stepping on our toe stops. slow derby definitely still makes ya sweat a lot.

i’m going to williamsport today to nso for svdv vs black rose rotten cherries. i’m not sure if thats the same team we played, because they were just called black rose rollers when we bouted them. this is svdv’s first home bout against a different league, not just themselves.