at practice on thursday, we were missing lots of girls. it was really bad. they were talking about giving 100% at the meeting on tuesday, and i guess missing practice is some peoples idea of giving 100% :/ we couldnt scrimmage, we only had enough girls to do 4 on 1’s. i figured i’d hafto jam, even though i didnt want to. i put it off though and let everyone else go, and then it was time to leave, so i didnt try to jam at all. i am feeling pretty discouraged on the jammer front to tell you the truth. maybe i should just focus on becoming the best blocker i can right now. so why am i still only watching the jammers on eastern regionals this weekend?
we worked on toe stop runs thursday, and as usual liberty asked us to do 4 steps no matter how slow you had to do them. well 4 used to be hard for me, but it looks like i am finally more comfortable with toe stop runs. then we worked on tomahawks. ugh. i hate tomahawk drills, theyre so frustrating. i can DO it, i just cant do it going fast. i have to plough stop first, and i still dont have much control. liberty broke it down into the half moon foot swipe thing yet again, but that still doesnt help me. i guess its just something that will come in time, like running better on my toe stops.
i went skating outside yesterday with my wife. she got cones, but we dont know the measurements for the track, plus theres not that many cones. oh well. we just kind of set them up to be as big as the big track at the rink and skated around. i didnt get a workout though, so later in the day i did my rdw. i also went to wegmans and got mum to buy me a case of coconut water for practice 🙂 i only like the pineapple flavor, but honestly when i’m out of breath and dehydrated i’ll drink anything haha…
so now onto the eastern regionals that are streaming live this weekend. i’ve never actually watched derby on dnn before, but liberty suggested we all do our homework and watch some of them this weekend.
i expected to be totally blown away, but a lot of what i’m seeing doesnt seem much different than what i imagine my team looks like. except for the lining up right in front of the jammer line. thats happening a ton and i dont get understand why. i will have to ask. a lot of the starting on a knee. but the packs all seem really spread apart, and i thought that was a bad thing? when we do pack 40 we have to keep a tight pack.
i wish i could afford to spend $10 for the hd upgrade. i feel like the video has gotten blurrier since yesterday, but it might just be my eyes. i’ll tell ya, i never thought i’d watch a sport event voluntarily in my life haha! i’d love to be there in person. it would be so amazing to go to world cup in canada this december, but i wont be able to afford that. one thing i can start saving up for though since i’m making more money at this job is ece next summer! yeah 🙂