tuesday i was itching to skate, and i’ve been yelling at myself for not skating outside like i said i was going to… so i finally just said thats it, no more excuses sharky! youre gonna get out there and just do it, weather its hot out or not just take water. i would feel too self concious on the dike so i went to an empty parking lot at an abandoned shopping center. i hoped it’d work out, but if it didnt i was gonna just go to the dike. i was scared i’d get kicked out of the lot, and kinda freaked out when a red truck pulled in and parked while i was gearing up. dude was just taking his dog for a walk on the dike though. there were 2 of those med-something ambulance type vans parked at the end of the lot that came and went through out but gave me no trouble, until at the end one came and parked by my car. possibly to take a nap or watch my workout?

i decided that since my atom poisons have just been sitting in my old skate bag waiting to be used, and i dont plan on using them anytime soon cuz they went a little bald for my taste, why not use them for outdoor wheels? no sense in spending money on outdoor wheels when i have wheels that arent in use that are also said to be great for outdoors already!

there were quite a bit of pebbles and rocks on the lot, i thought they’d trip me up, but those poisons- they rocked outdoors! i really enjoyed myself. it was a very smooth ride for a not so smooth surface. different parts of this huge parking lot were sectioned off with strips of grass, and i had a blast jumping over them. i practiced jumping and hops a lot. i got surprising height. it made me feel like a rockstar! i did some laps sticky skating in derby stance which was really tiring because the part i was at had an incline to one corner. then i did small laps, and big ones and then went around the entire huge parking lot a little bit too.

i did get daring and try to do that thing burger does where she jumps and turns around and lands facing the other direction. lol i fell. i cant wait to go there again, i hope i can continue to skate there and be left to myself 😀