i’ve totally put off blogging for too long! oops. the only thing i remember about last tuesday was that i felt like total SHIT because i’d been eating so bad. if theres one reason to give up cookie binging, its because you feel like a disgusting sweaty nauseous pile of stinky poop during sprints! also, during scrimmaging, our pack pace was too fast and we got punished by having to stop and do pyramids. boo 😦
they were going to announce roster thursday, but the valley was evacuated! the river was really high and there was flooding. i wasn’t sure if they’d still have the bout, but by saturday we were allowed back to our homes. the levee didnt break thank goodness! i kept up on my workouts back at my parents house, and took advantage of mums treadmill.
at tuesday’s practice burger announced that her back is still hurt so she wouldnt be skating in the HARD bout! so we were down to one dominant jammer. we all knew it was going to be a tough game, but liberty said just do what we know and have fun. when we got there, pussycat announced that she was pregnant so she would be sitting out as well. so we skated 2 short.
it was definitely not the best time i’ve had on the track. i tried to have fun, but its hard to have fun when you’re being knocked down over and over by a big girl and keep getting stuck behind a green wall. i felt like i was playing the worst derby of my life.
i didnt get put in to jam at all. our jammers seemed to be spending a lot of time in the box, and we hardly got lead jammer especially in the first half. i think the other team finally started to wear out at the end of the second half, either that or i finally pulled my head out of my ass and was able to do some good positional blocking. the score was 81 to 290. yes, we lost by over 200 pts. thier roster was mostly made up of thier a team players i think, and theyre very good. a loss by that much sucks, but i would have felt better if i felt like i played better :/ oh well, its a learning experience as always. it showed us where we need to improve. for me, thats breaking through walls specifically. i need to learn to use my shoulder and break bitches up! here is the write up for the bout. http://www.examiner.com/roller-derby-in-harrisburg/femmes-cause-radical-fallout-at-olympic-skating-center i was pretty psyched that i got my first mention in an article!

some radical booties


and here's me falling down.