thursday we did this thing called sevens. on the small track, we skate at 70% for 6 laps and one sprint, then 5 laps and sprint 2, and work our way up to sprinting for 6 laps. i always find the percent thing confusing. this drill was not as hard as it sounds. the tough part was the cramp i got in my left hip from leaning so hard for all the tight turns. i like doing laps on the big track so much better.
when we were lining up on the pivot line, i lost my balance doing nothing, and fell on my ass hard! everyone kinda looked at me like “…….!” waiting to see if i’d yell out, cuz thats exactly what mal did when she broke her ankle. i was like its just my butt! i’m okay! i just sat there for a second cuz it was a shock. i have a big skate wheel shaped bruise on my right ass cheek now! i iced it when i layed down for bed that night.
ali told me for the 50th time to tape my knee pads when i was telling her how i fell on just my gasket tuesday. i finally listened to her and used my hello kitty duct tape to keep my knee pads on real tight. it worked, except for once. i fell jamming and it did slip down still. mother fucker! jamming thursday night was so frustrating, i wanted to just give up. i obviously was not getting through that pack with liberty keeping me in the back. i vowed to never jam again it was so pathetic. but i’m already thinking of keeping trying. its humiliating and frustrating, but maybe if i just keep doing it i’ll get better. i mean i havent yet, but its possible, right? they say practice makes perfect.
attendance has sucked at practice, and the other night was no exception. we had a girl named margo headsplitter from the uk skating with us! her accent was adorable. i think she’s coming tuesday too. they didnt announce roster yet, probably tuesday.