i iced and heated my back religiously, non stop from thursday through the weekend, and by sunday it was much much better! i was so glad. instead of an excruciating pain, it was a manageable sore. i felt weird since i hadnt done any exercising since wednesday, but warming up at the bout felt just fine.
actually, i didnt know if the bout was still going to be happening at all – we had a big storm from hurricane irene saturday night. areas were (and still are) without power because of downed trees, some areas were flooded, and lots of roads were closed. the power only went off for about a half hour in the apartment sunday morning, but it was questionable weather some of our roster would be able to make it to the bout! no doubt many fans who would have attended probably figured it was cancelled, and didn’t show up even though they had prebought tickets. (my parents couldnt get out, and marks coworker al didnt come, they bought tix)
we were kept up to date and assured the bout was still on the fb page, so i got ready and left thinking i’d be late, so i took the highway all the way and got there early! i was so glad i wasnt late, and it was actually happening, i was in a strangely happy mood that my wife called me out on.
there were less people there than last time, which is a pretty sorry crowd. i mean that was to be expected because of the weather, but it was still a let down to confirm the fact that attendance has rapidly and steadily decreased since our first home bout of the season, and now we’re done with home bouts for the year 😦
we started off behind, and it stayed that way for the whole game i think. i dont actually remember looking at the score and seeing us up. most of the time we were down by 10 -20 points, and then lost by 50.
in the beginning, i definitely felt off my game. it took me quite a while to get in the groove, to remember what i was doing out there. i hate that, i think it was because i hadnt practiced thursday.
not very far into the first half, mj fell and hurt her arm pretty bad. she stayed down and immediately started crying. it was scary. i was afraid she broke a bone or something. the emt’s took care of her and she went to the hospital. so we were down to just one dominant jammer and jen said some of us who dont normally jam were going to be put in. i thought i would get put in to jam at least once, but i didnt. it was mostly pussycat and rennee and beck. after a while i realized they werent going to use me and i stopped being nervous about getting handed the star panty. the black river girls werent too big of hitters so that was good. whenever i saw them coming in for a hit i’d counter hit them and it was no big deal. i didnt get any minors or majors.
thats about it. our season is over as far as local fans are concerned, and its dissapointing that we lost our last bout. but it gave us an opportunity to see what we need to improve on.