i was so psyched to be back at practice yesterday. after work i was beat, and in a terrible mood, i felt like i did not even want to go to practice later on. but i napped and felt rejuvenated afterwards, and my wifey was getting back on skates so i was excited! she did so well! she just wanted to put them on and skate around once, but she skated around the duck pond for quite a while! yay 🙂 i cant wait to skate with her again.
we had a real easy warm up yesterday. we skated backwards for a bit, then did arm whips and stretched. we did the silly train thing, and i did pretty good at steering it. oh and we did tractor trailer which made me happy 🙂 kimber wolf was back with a vengeance, she pushed us around that track so fast!
we did a focus scrimmage. now that i’m trying to remember what our focus was, i cant even think of it. my attention span is just shot. i hate it. when liberty or anyone is trying to explain something, if they go through it too fast i cant keep up. i did have a chance to ask a question about the mouse situation though, when we form a wall in the back to hold back on of the opposing blockers when she gets trapped behind us. we do that to make the opposing blockers in front “out of play” so that they hafto let our jammer through. i just get confused because i always see my jammer up there and think shit i gotta get up there and help her break up that wall, and someone behind me is inevitably calling out “slow down! mouse!”
i jammed at least 3 times last night. i didnt get totally worn out after the first time either. i think because we didnt do anything too strenuous earlier in practice so i wasnt already tired from that. plus i kept my speed down a little. i love when there are big holes in the pack. i hate when i get stuck in the back behind 3 blockers. :/ i have to work on juking, and weaseling through 2 man walls. i did get lead jammer on one jam though!
gotham girls are having 3 dates of boot camp, 2 for jamming and one for strategy. it costs $100 per skater to attend and they have a small class. that’d be so cool to go to, i would love to learn how to be an amazing jammer from one of the best in the country. thats way too much money though, especially considering i just emptied my checking AND savings account to take out rent today.
i started my job at the high school. it sucks getting home from practice at 11:30, taking a shower eating a snack and then being wired til about 1am and have to get up at 4:30am and go into work! then i come home and fall into a nap. needless to say my eating, sleeping and workout schedule is all fucked up. today was the first time i even worked out in a week! plus its really hard working around delicious smelling fresh baked cookies and shit. it was so much easier to plan out my day with my eating and work out schedule when i was unemployed! i want to keep getting fitter so i can keep improving in derby, but its going to be hard.
while jamming, i fell at one point and my knee pad slipped down and the top part of my knee, like above my kneecap hit the floor with just the gasket. it scared me but didnt feel really bad or anything. it was sure swollen when i got home though so i iced it of course. so far no bruise showed up but it is tender and a little swollen. i really like the gaskets cuz they add cushion, but theyre kind of like wearing solid tights – the kneepads tend to slide down easier than on bare skin or fishnets :/