i cant skate at practice tonight! i hurt my back 😦 i feel so stupid and useless, and i havent even gotten to practice and sat on the sidelines yet. i feel like such a letdown to my team, not being there on skates so they can run line ups during scrimmage. but i’d feel even shittier about it if i did try skating tonight and fucked my back up even more so i’d be out of commish for sunday, then they’d have to skate short(er)!
so what did i do, you ask, to warrant a doctors note for no skating in the next 3 days? i dont even know. i mean i have an idea.
yesterday all day my lower back was hurting, it felt kind of spasmy. my whole body was quite sore actually. so at night i decided to use some epsom salts. the black bin thingy we use to soak our feet was awol, so i had to use this big round red one we have. and mark yelled into me something about how much heavier it is than the black one. i thought he was telling me not to ask him for help lifting it once it was filled with water, but he was actually saying not to lift it, he’ll get it. so i hoisted it out of the tub. it was pretty damn heavy and it did hurt my back but nothing out of the ordinary i thought.
but this morning i woke up in such pain! i could hardly get out of the bed. i peed, then went into the living room to lay on the floor and do some stretches to try and work it out. they all hurt, and it didnt help. then i went back to the bathroom and before brushing my teeth, i just leaned down to touch my toes to try and stretch out some more. that really hurt! so when i was brushing my teeth i got nauseous. i felt like i was gonna puke! i had to stop and sit down on the toilet with the trash can for a few minutes. i dont know if it was just nerves *this is my first day of work and my back is in excruciating pain how am i gonna do this is it gonna get better by the bout* or if the pain made me sick.
either way i went to the bed to lay down and figure out what to do. the nausea passed after a little bit and i figured i should get ready so i took a quick shower and made my breakfast which thankfully i did not throw up.
then i put on a thermacare heat pad and went to work. luckily it was an easy day, we only set some stuff up for 2 hours and went home.
i knew i couldnt go to practice feeling like this though so i called my old chiropractor to see if i could get in today. i used to go to dr blaum twice a week every week for the longest time, for adjustments, therapy and massage. but i stopped and havent been there in 2 years!
i layed down with the heating pad and took a nap flat on my back to pass the time til my appt.
he said my hips needed adjustment and the left side of my lower back is a little more swollen than the right. i got the same stuff i used to get, the electric muscle stim, the ultrasound and he gave me heat then ice on it too. he said if i keep that up, i should be feeling pretty good in 72 hours, so i asked him if i should not go to practice tonight and he recommended not. but i should be good by sunday! god i hope so. i’m sure i will.
i feel like i just kinda started taking it for granted that i’m always able to be at practice and never have to sit anything out due to injury or sickness… i’ve been doing this over a year and have never gotten hurt from derby, or been to hurt to participate. i guess i felt invincible. now this! not that its a huge thing, not at all. especially compared to tara, or mallory, or ali! i just feel stupid for picking up that dumb bin.
it may not have been the bin at all though, that could have just been the straw that broke the camels back?
sunday i did some new plyo exercises, monday i ran for the first time in over a month and did some intense cycling, tuesday at practice we did pack 20 which did tire my lower back out, then yesterday i did roller derby workout which is nothing out of the ordinary. so i guess it could be a number of things. i sure was sore all over from running again, i’ll tell ya that much. anyway, gotta go switch from ice to heat! the power of christ compells you, strained muscle!