last night’s practice was awesome, i went into it with the mindset that i was going to really push myself, and i think i succeeded. liberty wasnt there, so burger ran practice and first thing we did was the 30 sec sprint/30 sec skill drill. i really like that drill 🙂 30 seconds of sprinting i feel i can do with no problem. i was determined to give 100% and not let myself lag. i kept passing people and i felt like i was on fire! in a good way. my crossovers when we do it in opposite direction are getting better too i think, i feel more comfortable with them. after that we went right into a 2 lap swedish. yuck, i hate that! i dunno if it was the newly cleaned and lubed wheels but i felt like i was going really fast though. especially around the corners, it felt like i was leaning into them more and it helped me keep my speed up. mj told me later that her and aaron (new nso guy) were timing swedish and i was 4th fastest! i think she said i was 3 seconds slower than burger. wow. all i can say is WOW. (i mean burger could have been having an off night or something, granted) but when i started derby, i saw how fast burger was and thought “i will never be that good.” i’m so proud of how far i’ve come! and so glad i stuck with derby 🙂 of course i still get that awful i’m gonna puke feeling when i’m done with swedish, but it goes away after a lap and i’ve never actually thrown up. so i guess its normal. do i like it? no. can i deal with it? yes!
we did 8 minutes of queen of the rink, thats fun. i don’t knock anyone over with my hits, but i also am much better at keeping my balance when i get hit hard. i like that drill, its good practice for the big hits i may get in a bout.
we practiced the fanny pack again, and then went right into scrimmaging. there werent many of us at practice, and some of the girls who were there were sick! that sucks. i’d hate to have the flu the week before a bout.
kimber was taken off the roster so we’ll be skating one short. tara and jen said this may mean that i’ll be jamming in the bout. crazy! i went to practice last night with the goal of jamming at least twice. i usually do it just once if i do, because thats all it takes to wear me out for the night. i think i jammed 3 times last night. i did well the one time but the other 2 werent so great. the last time i was soo exhausted. its so hard once i lose momentum and get stuck behind the pack. i guess i should have fell back to get some speed up. i’ll keep that in mind for next time.
rennee also jammed quite a bit, and shes getting really good! i wish my endurance was that good, she just kept getting in there. i definitely need breaks. i wonder if they’ll put her in to jam sunday? mj’s knee has been hurt, so she hasnt been on skates, but i dunno if her doctor said it was okay to skate in the bout sunday.
at the gym the other day, i tried running for the first time in like a month. i made it to 2 miles before my ankle started hurting. i didnt want to push it and have it hurting for days, so i did the rest of my cardio on the cycle. i wonder if wearing a brace or something would help my ankle while running? on the cycle, i was doing the 2 minute all out bursts, and i couldnt believe how intense i could keep it going for those full 2 minutes, definitely better than i have been able to push it in the past. yay 🙂 i need to make sure i do that once every week.