friday the radicals had a meet and greet at luckys sport house, a restaurant/bar by walmart. they actually contacted us about doing it, so we snatched them up for our afterparty this time. i’m so glad, i didnt like the smokey bar we had most of the afterparties at this season, so i didnt go most of the time. friday we kind of just got put in a back room though, and there weren’t that many people to meet and greet. mj and i went around the bar and talked to a few people though. some guy was like “so how many bloody noses do you get in a season?” and kept asking silly questions like that haha. basically it was a just a radicals party in the back, some people got food and beer. i looked at the menu to scope out what i’ll order when we get 1/2 off appetizers this sunday after the bout 🙂 so that was friday 6:30 to 8:30.
then saturday we went to the pittston tomato festival. i’ve never been there, they have a huge tomato fight every year. it was $5 to sign up so i didnt do that it, but some of our girls did. it was crazy! the sky was filled with tomatoes flying everywhere. there was a guy in just a red speedo. i’d told betty i’d give her a ride to exeter on my way home, not realizing she’d be covered in seeds and juice lol, but she cleaned off and i put a shirt down for her and all was fine.
after the tomato fight and flyering in the coopers parking lot, we headed over to the actual festival. it was pretty small but it was a fun time. we met a dude who’s actually a dj on froggy101, and he wants to come to the rink and skate with us, kinda like what sharla mcbride did. awesome! so i think that was a good day of getting our word out there.
then saturday night was jen’s derbygirl sleepover. i went up with my wifey, and we slept over this time. i was so happy we were doing a wheel cleaning. i havent done it since the first sleepover, which i think was last november. i keep wanting to clean my bearings but i forget how we did it, and i dont want to mess them up or something. i also have been itching to use my speed cream i picked up at five stride, but wasnt sure how to put it on. tara explained it, and its easy.
we did that, played some games, watched golden girls, and just chatted into the wee hours of the night. i love my derby family ❤ !