tonight was a good practice šŸ™‚ first of all i got to see my wifey who i missed, cuz i was away on vakay and then didnt get to see her cuz she was away camping til yesterday. i gave her the gift i picked her up at the beach shops x) also finished the mvp plaques and gave them to tara tonight.
we started out with the partner weave, not a favorite of mine but i got through it. the line wasnt too long so that was good! then we did 2 to 4 pyramids on the big track. mallory was back on skates tonight after breaking her ankle, and she did pyramids! shes crazy, she loves them. i’m glad shes back. i cant wait for wifey to be back skating! october. anyway, the 2 to 4 pyramids werent too bad, not bad at all. my legs feel stronger. we also did build a bitch, but without the pushups this time, yay! afterwards liberty had to remind us again to give 110% in all our drills. i found myself slowing down during the sprinting, but i kept pushing myself to keep my speed up, telling myself its a sprint!
after that, zac showed us a way of making a 4 man wall that is very effective in keeping the jammer back. everyone lines up on the inside line on the turns, and then on the straights, they fan out. it looks really cool, like a worm. i liked it.
then we did 4 on 1s and then scrimmaged. we only had 2 teams of five and six at practice so i jammed once. burger was my b2 and she said she’d help me get through. she wasnt kiddin! it was definitely the easiest i’ve ever gotten through the pack. i think i went through 3 times with hardly a problem thanks to burger being on the opposing blockers. i got real tired though, and felt like i was gonna lose it, and i did. melly hit me out and my momentum was gone, and i couldnt get through the pack the last time, my feet felt like they were cemented to the floor.
tara announced roster at the end of practice, and i’m in the next bout, which is our last home bout this season. i wasnt sure if i would be since we have so many eligible newer girls who i think are bout ready now. i really liked the wormy 4 man wall we did, which will now be referred to as the fanny pack, named by slick! ali named her new car SLICK cuz she got it because her old one blew up chasing the ambulance taking slick to the hospital. cute!