well i had last week off from derby. i was on vacation at the beach in deleware with mark πŸ™‚ i’m so glad we got to go, its been 3 years since our first and last vacation! i owe it all to ellie, who was doing rotations and let us stay at the house she was staying in down there. i didnt get to see her much, she was working a lot. i had planned on going to a derby practice while i was there, with her, but she was swamped with work and i was too busy having beach fun and eating junk!
i only worked out 3 times last week. i usually do 6 times a week! i definitely felt like shit going back to my workout on monday. probably because i’d been eating like crap for a week. i didnt realize how healthy i’ve been eating, and how much diet affects how you feel!
i was afraid i’d have lost all my skills going back to practice last night, or at least feel really shitty. i was fine though. it felt so good to be back on skates πŸ™‚ there are new faces too, RR had a recruitement night last week, plus zac our ref is back for good i think, and there was also another dude at practice last night. he was wearing a burning river roller girls teeshirt, the league that my online pal kelamity skates with. she was actually supposed to come visit me last week and skate with us, but i had to schedule my vakay then :/ maybe i’ll meet her next year at ece! but yeah that dude was head nso with brrg i think he said, and he knows kelamity. cool! he just moved to scranton. thats awesome we have some new people. i guess a roller derby league is always evolving, gaining skaters, losing skaters, and trying to work it back up again.
we did a 2 lap swedish, which i hate! i dont hate it so much while its happening, but when i’m done and caught up with the line, thats when it hits me. this gross nausea feeling. why does it wait until i slow down? wierd. we did a lot of falling drills.
then we tried this silly looking thing called the choo choo train i think that liberty saw a swedish team do online haha. needless to say, it was a mess, but a big laugh. twas supposed to be 5 people but we adapted it for 3. the front person kinda sat back crouching, holding the persons skates behind them. that middle person hunched over to steer the croucher, and the last person pushed them. steering was tricky, but it was fun once we got the hang of it!
then we scrimmaged and played freeze tag. i jammed once and did pitifully. i just didnt have any oomph in me last night for that! burger kept knocking me out, and i could hardly keep pushing myself. i didnt get through the pack :/ then i was it for freeze tag, after which i felt like i was gonna puke!
on vacation i remembered how nice it feels to be lazy and not work out for days, but i must forget that now and get back to my routine! it felt really awesome to be back at practice last night πŸ™‚