i rode to cortland with ali and stu. the drive wasnt too bad. i’m getting better and better with road trips. i think my smartphone has something to do with it. ali asked if i was nervous. i really wasnt, when its an away game it feels like it doesnt really matter that much. it matters of course, but i dont have to worry about embarassing myself in front of friends or family. i wasnt really worried about the floor, i just figured i’d deal with it however slippery it turned out to be. the only thing that was nagging me a little was wondering if i’d fall on my knee hard and hurt it like thursday night at practice. otherwise, i was just ready to play some derby and do my best!
we got there about an hour earlier than we needed to be there, its always better to be early than rushing and/or late. we got a locker room which rules, and there were sunsweet prunes in our basket! yum. i guess they were a joke, but hey i snatched em at the end, those things are delish. i dont have a green jersey yet, so i borrowed pegs and safety pinned my patch on it that mark made up a stencil for. liberty said i should turn the pins inside out, apparently thats not allowed. i’ve definitely seen it done before, thats the only reason i used pins! i dont think its safe personally, but i didnt have much choice, i couldnt sew on to pegs jersey, and her name and number are pretty big.
it was a double header, so we watched some of the first bout. i think it was ithica playing the ccr’s a team? wow. it was a mess out there! everyone was sliding all over the place when they fell. we were like shittt. we got to watch a little of that bout then had to gear up for 20 mins free skate during that halftime.
i used some of the hello kitty tape wifey bought me to tape my one elbow pad. ive never done that before, tape my gear. it didnt exactly stick to the pad, weird. the floor turned out to be not that bad! it took a little longer to plow stop but i didnt feel i’d have a problem with it. the rope under the taped track barriers were troublesome though. it seemed to be thick rope so every time my wheel would hit it i’d pitch forward. made a mental note to just step over it going in and out. liberty had instructed us to just test out our wheels on the floor and take it easy during that first free skate and save our energy for a small warm up. the other team though was already going through a weave, and flying past us! oh well, let them waste their energy.
after that we watched the rest of the bout on the floor. this venue had glass panes and bleachers behind them. it was pretty big. then the first game was over, and we took the floor right away to warm up. all we did was weave, swedish and cut in out and jumps. after that we were all really sweaty already. it was hot in there! the a/c wasnt on, they had the zambonie door open. it was quite loud in there, there was a cover band playing during intermissions. we had our little pep talk and jen told us first line up. no demo, since it’d already been done before the first game. i was in the first lineup 🙂
we were in the lead within the first few jams which is always a nice feeling. i was a little dissapointed i wasnt getting put in again right away. then disaster struck – it was shannons first time jamming, and i guess she got hit and fell, i just saw her crawl into the ref lane and it seemed like she was trying to catch her breath. the jam got called off and the emt’s came over. they gave her an oxygen mask and put ice on her throat i think. it was really scary, cuz she started to cry when she got the mask. i was afraid she’d gotten a bone broken in her throat or neck or something! they called an ambulance, the whole while the announcers werent talking at all. it was so quiet. they finally had her up on the yellow board thing and carried her out, we all clapped. betty was crying and i tried to comfort her. poor slick! it must be so scary to go to the hospital in an unknown area. sarah went with her, and ali and stu went too. that was nice of them. imagine if no one was able to leave and she had to go alone? that’d be so scary.
after a 2 minute warm up the game was back on. liberty said we were gonna do this for shannon, and we were all pretty charged up. after that i went in a bit more, and i think i did pretty well. i was getting hit by these girls but not going down, i saw them coming at me and i’d just hit them back. there was something about this team or the venue, that made me not afraid to hit! it felt good to not be getting knocked down all the time.
i did go to the box twice for low blocking. i always get nervous in teh box wondering where the pack/jammers will be when its time for me to go back in. i dont want to enter in front of the jammers again and get put right back in the box like that other time!!
we were way ahead. lickety got put in to jam twice. our jammers were getting tired, i was wondering if jen was gonna hand me the jammer cap. it was quickly over though, and we won by 80 pts! 195-115. it was definitely a fun game, minus the whole shannon getting hurt part!
we did our victory laps, the place cleared out real quick, and they announced mvps and we went to the locker room. it turned out that ali’s car had broken down following the ambulance! poor ali! stu just sanded and primer’d the trunk for her. mel gave me a ride home. jen ended up taking ali home but they didnt get home til real late. that sucks.
we stopped for food on the way home thank goodness, i hadnt packed anything for dinner just lunch. (tofurkey sandwhich = yuckkk i could only chock down half! bad choice for bout day) i got subway but havina, brandy and mel got mcdonalds. the fries smelled sooo good, but i felt good that i held strong and ate the healthiest option i could in the situation.
i woke up the next day feeling on top of the world. winning feels so much better than losing! and i was proud of myself. i definitely felt more “in stride” or collected, or whatever you want to call it. i worked with my team mates and i played a little more agressively than i have in the past 🙂 the only thing i regretted was one time when i left the inside line the jammer got past, and once when i fell i was pretty behind the pack and trying to catch back up really actually winded me. if i wanna be a jammer someday, i gotta work on that!