i felt like i did really well on swedish last night at practice 🙂 of course i have no way of actually knowing unless someone says so, since i can’t actually watch myself. but i felt pretty fast. it’d be cool if i could get a replay to watch myself. also, we did 3 to 5 pyramids on the little track, and i definitely didn’t get as winded as i have in the past. so looks like my endurance is going up! yay 🙂
we played blood & thunder, aka queen of the rink. we did it 4 times i think. i noticed during this and scrimmaging later that i’m getting better at taking hits, and staying up. about time! i didn’t knock anyone over with my hits, but i came close to leaning someone out.
after that we did 4 on 1s again before scrimmaging like tuesday. as a jammer, i didnt get through again 😦 i did notice that i could take hits better though!
during scrimmage, i fell pretty hard and my knee at one point and it actually really hurt, it felt weird. i wasnt sure if i could keep skating for a second there! thats never happened to me before. this was the first time i actually limp-skated to catch up with the pack, wondering if i should stay in :/ i sat down for a min after that jam, wondering if i should call attention to myself and ice it right then, and speculated aloud that maybe my knee pads are just too compressed or worn out and thats why its been hurting more when i fall on my knees lately. i guess it HAS been like a year. the thought of having to pay $75 for kneepads once a year upset me!! liberty said 187s are more expensive because they are meant to last more like a year and a half or longer, but it depends on how much you fall really. …and i do fall on them a lot. is it time for new knee pads allready? ugh. maybe i can get my mom to buy them for me. even though shes already bailed me out on bills this summer, and is giving me money for vacation next week…
anyway, during another jam i fell on it again and it hurt a lot again! i dont know how to describe the pain, sort of like it hurt to straighten it out? maybe locked up? i dunno, it just hurt. luckily during the last jam i did not fall, and then we played some simon says.
i made sure to ice both knees after my shower. i recently read an article about preventative icing, which i already do sometimes. it said that your knees swell whenever you exercise. when i do my jenny mccarthy workout, its full of lots of stuff thats rough on my knees especially if theyre sore from practice – hops, frog leaps, jumping jacks, jump squats. so i def wont do that today, i think i’ll go to the gym and do the elyptical.
my knee doesnt hurt today, it hasnt even gotten that annoying achy feeling yet, i’m just afraid i’ll fall on it hard during the bout tomoro :/ i hope not! did i mention we’ll be playing on polished concrete like at watertown? but one of bunny lowbrowski’s posts says to stop bitching about the floor. just do your job, forget about the floor, its not gonna change. i must keep that in mind tomoro!