i’ve been reading a lot of derby blogs lately, and its pointed out that i still have SO much to learn about the sport. theres so much information out there, its overwhelming especially when you read 20+ posts all in a row, which i do. i kind of feel the way i did when i first started derby, like theres so much to know and learn, i’ll never get it all. i wish i could look in a crystal ball to see my future, just to see myself having all the knowledge i need, and being an amazing player like burger, really excelling. then i’d know that i will get there. right now it feels so uncertain that i will end up like that.
anyway, on to last nights practice. we did the paired numbers swedish, where you have to look behind you to see what number your partner is holding up. its hard to multi-task – skate like a bat outa hell at the same time as checking behind you. i had a feeling we’d do that because jen kept stressing that we look behind us BOTH ways during the bout. then we did forwards hopping weave in the opp direction, and backwards hopping weave in the regular direction.
during stretching, liberty told us we all have to push push push and give 110% at every practice now especially, because we have a lot expected of us. a bout this weekend, some of the girls are skating for oneanta the next weekend, then one weekend off and then our last home bout. then another bout sept 11! we’ve got a packed schedule! a lot of our girls were feeling tired and beat up from sundays bout. my knee is still a little achy on and off, and i got a blister that broke during the game, but thats it. i definitely didn’t think BB were heavy hitters. i cant imagine being a jammer though and having to skate in 2 bouts so close together. they’re the ones who exert themselves to the max and are targets for hit after hit after hit. poor jammers! our jammers are amazing. ❤
jen went over points and penalties quickly, and i only got one minor for track cutting. yay!
then we did wall of china. that took forever. every pair of girls attached hard at the shoulder and it seemed like everybody had a hard time pushing through. finally it was my turn and it was so hard, seemed impossible. i was leading with my shoulder as you're supposed to, but getting nowhere. jen pulled me aside and instructed me to hold my shoulder up like in a point, instead of "going in soft" lol. it helped. i think i only got through 2 pairs when burger and liberty showed us the proper way to go about breaking up a 2 man wall, so we didn't encourage any bad behaviors, and then we did 4 on 1s.
when i jammed during this, i didn't get through at all 😦 agh! then we scrimmaged, and when i jammed during that, i did get through once but couldn't get through a second time. i wish i could just be good at either one – blocking or jamming! i've been doing a lot of wishing lately, and like they say – you can wish in one hand and shit in another, see which one fills up first. i always thought that was a weird saying haha… i guess i just need to keep trying my best and hopefully i will get better.
we're skating one short on saturday at cortland. i dunno why they don't make it so you can substitute skaters closer to the bout. oh well. also, their floor is polished concrete. yuck!