the day of the bout, i was feeling good. i was afraid my sleep schedule would be all messed up and i’d feel out of it, cuz i worked overnight friday night. i have to say, i love my power breakfast. i don’t just eat it on bout days though, i eat it pretty much every day. yeah, definitely every day. 2 scrambled eggs with a sprinkle of cheese melted on top, a slice of wheat toast with peanut butter, grapes, and a big glass of water. ❤ so yummy.
i was showered ready and dressed by 1pm. i didn't want to be late this time! i spent at least 15 minutes, laying on the bed with my eyes closed, practicing my positive thinking. i told myself i was going to do great, and went through some imaginary game play in my head where i effectively blocked and moved fluidly. after that i felt so good! i was ready to rock.
i wore my green hot pants that i got at sallys recently. when i started derby, i hoped some day i would feel confident enough to wear just booty shorts or the like. i'm there! they were actually really comfy, i liked playing in them more than my skirt i think. i also got some neon green mens tall socks that i cut to wear as leg warmers. twas my first foray into the world of leg warmers. they fell down during warm ups from all the hopping, and looked like just funny 80s scrunch socks, but then i tucked them under my knee pands and they stayed. mark said it was much easier to distinguish me in the pack with those on, haha.
i think this was the calmest i've been for a bout yet. it didnt even feel like a real game at first because there was hardly anyone there to watch! our turn out was pretty sad. i kept looking for my parents, but they never came! i listened to a voicemail from my mom later to find out she'd gotten bitten by yellowjackets and took a bunch of benadryl so thats why they didnt come 😦
we found out that the other team was playing with only 9 girls, not even ten! we hoped they'd tire out right away and our endurance would be a great advantage. i have to admit, i figured we had it in the bag.
i was in the demo/first line up which always makes me happy, but after that i didnt get put in for a while and that was dissapointing. during the first half, it was pretty close. they were up but not by much. at one point jen told us that the inside line must always be covered, the next person she sees who leaves it, will not go in for a couple of jams. i hung my head in shame. i had been in as b1, but gotten trapped in the back by a 3 man wall. i kinda panicked, i didnt know what to do. if i tried to get through, i would end up not being on the inside line, so i just stayed behind them on the inside. of course that did me no good, their jammer just got through on the out, and i was still separated from my team mates.
i felt like i was playing like shit at half time, and we were down, but jen gave us a pep talk and said to imagine the score was 0-0 and of course every jam is a new jam. i went in more during the second half. i felt a little more like i'd found my stride like at practice thurs night. we still lost though. by 40 points. dissapointing! losing sucks. this is my first time playing in a game and not winning. it dont feel good! it especially doesnt feel good that we had 14 girls and lost to 9 girls.
i think the other teams jammers were really strong, kind of like them having a bunch of burgers, but we only have one. womp-waa. one thing i'm proud of from this bout is that i didnt get knocked down a lot from hits. i fell a bunch of course, but hardly from any actual hits. there was only one girl who was sorta big that i was afraid would target me, and i dont think i was ever on the track when she was. i did get hit, but i stayed up for the most part, and that made me proud. something i noticed bad about this bout was that i didn't give any hits. maybe like one, to a jammer. but i never know when to hit another blocker. so i realized i'm way too shy about hitting. i tried to line myself up next to an opponent to hit them but it just didnt feel right, and i wouldnt go through with it. i dont know whats wrong with me!? it was a wake up call though.